House Party Weekend 2013: Schedule and Lineup


The month of March at Bucknell is synonymous with happiness.  Once you get past the fact that most midterms are during the month of March, it is easy to understand why it is one of the, if not the, favorite month of the school year. Here’s a little breakdown of what Bucknellians have to look forward to during this glorious month.  There’s Spring Break, when all of the students get a glorious week off of classes and can celebrate the fact that most midterms are finished.  Next you have March Madness, which in this case, is an extra special occasion for Bucknell this year seeing as we’re going dancing! Furthermore, the weather is finally starting to become less dreary and cold which makes walking around campus that much more pleasant.  Finally and most importantly, Bucknell has the magnificent weekend that is House Party. For those of you freshman who have only heard folklore of House Party Weekend, here is a quick recap of what the weekend is all about.

The weekend is chock-full of fun, friends, food, famed musicians, and fabulous parties.  The fraternities open up their houses (uphill and downtown) to the student body so that everyone can partake in the festivities and celebrations together.  But the most exciting part about House Party Weekend has to be the musical acts (yes, we are a little biased here).  Year in and year out, the fraternities manage to bring to campus renowned musicians that entertain.  This year is no different. From rap legends like Mike Jones to breakout electronic artists like 3LAU, the fraternities have really outdone themselves. Below is a full schedule of the House Party Weekend 2013 lineup, including dates, times and locations. As the week goes on, we will be bringing you exclusive interviews of the Bucknell musicians that are performing as well as overviews of the headliners coming to campus.  Click on the links below each schedule as the articles become available throughout the week.

May you all have a very merry House Party Weekend and remember…it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Friday House Party Events 3

Saturday House Party Events 3

House Party Daytime Events

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