I’m on Fireball!


I’m all about that bass, but what I’m really all about is that funky horn line. So if you’re like me and love an explosive, catchy horn line, look no further because “Fireball” is just the song for you! “Fireball” was released over the summer by Pitbull and features John Ryan, but I hadn’t heard it until last week and since then I can’t get enough. As soon as the song came on the radio while cruising with my buddy, the killer horn line had me hooked. So before we look any further, take a second, kick back, and jam out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HMqgVXSvwGo

Between the fat bass lines, groovy brass section, and auxiliary percussion, this song is bound to get people moving. I can barely sit still in my seat while listening to it as I write this article let alone not go wild when it comes on at a party. As I mentioned, this song came out over the summer, but it wasn’t until recently that a music video was released so I’m assuming that’s why the song has resurged and gained significant popularity. Overall, the music video does an excellent job complimenting the song itself as both are entertaining and engaging. The video starts off in black and white and features plenty of dancing and grooving.  The video transitions into color when the bell of the ball strolls into the party and, naturally, starts to hook up with Pitbull What a dog. No pun intended, I promise.

While no one knows about or cares about a majority of Pitbull’s music, he’s gotten pretty good at releasing a song every few months that absolutely storms the scene and keeps him relevant. With that, I’m sure it won’t be too long until this song becomes more redundant than “Timber” and eventually fizzles out, but for now, grab some Fireball—depending on you’re of age of course—blast this song, and get the party started!

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