Into It. Over It.’s New Album has High Standards


Into It. Over It., the emo/indie rock project of Evan Weiss from Chicago, has been a household name in the emo music scene since its beginning in 2007. The band just released its third full-length album, Standards, on Triple Crown Records on March 11. Weiss and his best friend Joshua Sparks took a very unconventional approach to writing this album; they stayed in a small cabin in Vermont just south of the Canadian border and wrote the entire album, free of distractions. The duo spent 12 to 14 hours a day writing what would become the 12 tracks on Standards. Weiss claims that, of IIOI’s three albums so far, this was his favorite one to make. On January 13, IIOI announced the release of its first single off the new album, “No EQ”:



The song is fast-paced and addresses feelings of nostalgia and growing older. During the bridge, Weiss sings, “At 30, muscles fade, but in 20 years, I’ve barely changed.” The catchy guitar riff in the intro is simple yet still comes off as original and creative.

In the first song on the album, “Open Casket”, is an acoustic song in which Weiss sings about stale routines and how dissatisfying inactivity or a lack of excitement can be, and he sums up this feeling perfectly with the line, “But I’d feel better as a corpse than a boring, barely-living thing.” The song features his signature acoustic guitar picking over soft percussion. Along with faster, more aggressive tracks, every IIOI album features a few softer, dreamlike slow songs and this song and “Your Lasting Image” make Standards no exception.           

IIOI lyrics have always been carefully and cleverly crafted, and this definitely holds true for this album as well. This album has something for everyone, whether you are looking for some lyrically-inspired deep thinking or just want to relax and enjoy some smooth, intricate instrumentals.

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