Introducing Adam Snow


Adam Snow grew up in Washington, DC and has always been dedicated to his music. He plays some guitar and has been known to spontaneously “bang around on makeshift drum sets,” constructed out of half real drums and half electronic ones on recent college breaks, according to a close friend.  This same friend revealed that Snow is “the same Adam” that he was when they were growing up, eating home-cooking and fooling around with instruments in his basement.

Having been sampled by Lil B on his 2013 mixtape, Snow clearly fits right in with the best-of-the-best producers.  Adam’s music consistently gets tons of views and maintains a killer like ratio on YouTube—it’s no secret that Adam Snow is a serious contender among fans of this genre.  It seems that the rest of the world is totally digging Adam Snow; check out what you’ve been missing.

I got to have a quick chat with Adam about his music and this is what he had to say, you can make your own deductions, but the vibes I got were of a loyal, dedicated, humble guy just doing what he loves to do and as an added bonus, people are loving it.


MK: When did you start making music?

AS: I started my Junior year of High School


MK: Who/what is your biggest musical influence?

AS: Kanye West.


MK: Who/what is your biggest non-musical influence?

AS: Hmm ..probably my friends. I do it for them.

MK: What is your favorite mythical creature?

AS: Dragon


MK: Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

AS: Well I like a lot of “mainstream” acts like Justin Bieber and Soulja boy but there’s no guilt involved really haha.


MK: What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

AS: Rap. A lot of TI and Ludacris growing up.


MK: What is your favorite song at the moment?

AS: Break the Bank – Schoolboy Q


MK: Do you have any quirks or weird/interesting facts about yourself?

AS: Nope, I’m a pretty normal guy.


MK: What drove you to make music?

AS: I saw Kanye one summer at this music festival in DC.  He had this full orchestra and everything . It was just incredible. From then on I knew I had to do music.


P.S. I was lucky enough to get KBBQ with this guy; if you ever get the opportunity to go to Honey Pig, Adam Snow is the guy to go with.