Introducing: Wet


The Brooklyn trio Wet has just one EP to its name, but Kelly Zutrau, Joe Valle, and Marty Sulkow are already making headlines with their take on sultry pop. With a sound that mixes soulful female vocals and ‘90s R&B touches, the band’s steamy sound seems tailored for crackling car stereos and late night kickbacks. Wet’s self-titled debut EP, released last October on Neon Gold Records, has sold over 1,000 copies, but figures within the music industry seem to think that Wet’s first release is the forerunner to something much bigger. The three members of Wet met while Valle and Sulkow attended New York University and Zutrau was a student at Cooper Union in New York. The trio began making music casually until Zutrau moved to Providence to attend the Rhode Island School of Design and Valley headed to Los Angeles. However, the three stayed in touch and continued to email each other unfinished tracks. In 2012, they finally got together again in New York, and thus passing songs back and forth turned into seriously focusing on a few of tracks.

When the band first started making music, they used synthesized beats. This was not necessarily a stylistic approach, but done out of necessity because they didn’t have a drummer. After all, finding a place to practice and play the drums in New York City can be very difficult. However, the style worked for them, and since then, they have continued to use beats in the rest of their music.

"Wet" promises to release new music really soon. But for now, check out their few tracks on Spotify!

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