It’s Time for Takeoff with Man on the Moon III


It’s been over half a decade since the release of Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager, and here we are, awaiting the release of Man on the Moon III; is it finally that time? Or, is Kid Cudi just teasing us all once again? After the release of Man on the Moon II, Cudi decided to part ways with his previous label as they had ‘musical differences’. Cliché? Yes, very. Anyways, Cudi decided to branch off from the label he had accrued much success with and do his own thing (make his own label obviously). While this may have been a good idea in Cudi’s mind, I argue that it was probably one of the worst decisions he ever made. In simpler terms, why fix something that isn’t broken? The albums since Man on the Moon I and II, namely Indicud and Satellite Flight, just don’t have the same passion and tone that I felt in his earlier works. The songs are very mundane and seem to all blend together. Moreover, the beats aren’t as catchy and his lyrics seem undeveloped.

Fast forwarding to a few months ago, Kid Cudi announced on twitter that he couldn’t revisit the Man on the Moon series until he reunited with the people that aided in the success of the first two albums. This tweet made is seem like the project would never be completed until Cudi’s cry for help was met with great appreciation and excitement. Several of the people he mentioned in his tweet were ready to get going and produce what could be a very good comeback record for Kid Cudi. Was this it? Was this the beginning of what every Kid Cudi fan has been waiting for since 2010? Only time would tell.

Things were relatively quiet on the Kid Cudi front for a while until he started posting pictures of studio work, presumably for Man on the Moon III. The picture below shows him in the studio with one of the original members of the Man on the Moon project, “Plain Pat”.

Based on all of this, I think it’s safe to say that everything is coming together for the continuation of the Man on the Moon project. I’ve been waiting quite some time for this album and it’s finally becoming a reality. I’ve heard rumor that the album is set to drop this spring and based on Cudi’s previous surprise releases, I wouldn’t be shocked if he just dropped this album out of nowhere. At this point, I can only hope it’s as good as what I’m making it out to be.

Recently, on Cudi’s Soundcloud, he dropped a dope track entitled “Love”, found below. If this song is any sort of glimpse of what Man on the Moon III has in store, the world better brace itself because this song gets back to the roots of Kid Cudi and what made me obsessed with him in the beginning. The beats are reminiscent of his early works and the lyrics are meaningful and hard hitting. It’s time for takeoff everyone.

Pictures from Cudi’s Twitter



Nick BartekHip-Hop