Jack White: Official Record Store Day 4/20

Jack White. It took me a while to respect him, but that was simply because I didn’t know exactly what he was about. For those who don’t know, he first gained recognition through his first band, The White Stripes, which he formed with his wife. What a freakin dream come true. Where is my Meg White? Anyway, after several hits and singles, White moved on to front bands such as the Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather.  Although I like and appreciate his music, I didn’t understand why he was on the cover of Rolling Stone standing next to Keith Richards. Why would Rolling Stone  group White with an iconic figure in Rock and Roll history while White’s musical career isn’t even close to over? It turns out White is an exceptional singer-songwriter and record producer with a phenomenal grasp of blues/blues-rock.  And the best part about Jack White is what he did on Saturday April 20th. Some of you are probably guessing that he enjoyed some Mary Jane (maybe he did...), but he did something that was actually MUCH cooler. White was named the official ambassador for this year’s Record Store Day on Saturday, April 20th. White and his label, Third Man Records, will open their very own Third Man Recording Booth in Nashville to the public. The label refurbished a beautiful 1947 Voice-o-Graph, which is the only public vinyl record recording booth in the world. You can literally put a coin into the machine, and you’ll be able to record up to two minutes of audio that’ll be cut to a six-inch phonograph disc. In this video, you can see exactly how the process works, and how awesome it is. Brendan Benson, a member of the Raconteurs, takes you through the process.

I’m so jealous I don’t go to Vanderbilt, I’d be waiting on lines in a second to have my OWN personal record of me playing!

The_White_Stripes1"Actively venturing to your local record shop is one of those honors and privileges in this life that we just shouldn't take for granted," said White in a statement. "Certain beautiful experiences can only happen in the environment of a record store and I just thought that nothing could drive that point home more than a one-of-a-kind machine that lets you not only record your own vinyl record, but send it to anyone, anywhere in the world to share a song, poem, or private message with.”


White knows exactly what’s up. And he’s keeping vinyl alive by not only selling vinyl through his label, but he’s allowing fans to record their own music and have a physical record of it! I’m honestly speechless – this guy is the real deal.   

Keep those records spinnin’


Make sure to check out the label's website! http://thirdmanrecords.com/