James Blake Artist Spotlight


Good music is supposed to fill your body with emotions, and the U.K based singer/producer does that better than most artists. James Blake’s music mixes soul and electronic in a way that creates a space-like atmosphere for his fans. I was first introduced to James Blake by a friend who showed me his album Overgrown, an album I believe to be his best. Overgrown encompasses many of Blake’s unique talents, such as his soulful vocal talent, highlighted in “Retrograde”, or his production prowess in “Digital Lion”. Blake’s standout album garnered him a newfound international spotlight, most notably -- recognition from Beyonce who enlisted him on her platinum album Lemonade.  



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyWeVWiDnbQ As a producer, Blake utilizes synths that support his impassioned voice in order to create a mood filled vibe for listeners. Blake is able to mix many different styles of music and, a skill showcased in his many collaborations with artists of different genres. One of my favorite attributes of James Blake is his affinity to rap music, a preference made visible in his joint-productions with rappers such as RZA and Chance the Rapper. Blake is able to take advantage of other musicians’ lyrical abilities by giving them a hypnotic beat to rap on, while darkening the mood with his soft background vocals. I recommend everyone to check out Blake’s most recent album, The Colour in Anything, and I’m excited to see him blow up in 2017.


image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nrk-p3/9471725657