Jenny's Thoughts on the Bucknell Music Scene

When hearing the name “Bucknell,” some might not immediately think of the music scene on campus; but it is very present and constantly growing. Over the past four years, I’ve heard many comments on the lack of music and limited musical styles or “good music” found on campus. But it’s there... if you look for it. That’s the great thing about college: people from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures, likes, and dislikes can come together, bringing their own stories and tastes to the community.

As an incoming freshman, I had wondered about the music scene and happily found a wide array of musical acts that performed on campus weekly. I loved going to see these events, such as jazz concerts, dance shows, and, my favorite, Bela Fleck. Through meeting people, I was able to find an even larger and active music scene than I had imagined. I met a lot of student musicians, who, like me, were all on the look out for as much music as they could find. I discovered that there are musicians and events everywhere that I didn’t even know existed.

When people are going to the same parties every weekend, they are going to hear the same type of music that they are complaining about. The iTunes top 40 that was blasting from the downtown houses this Friday will probably be playing again next Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, too. So if you want to hear something new, why not step out of your usual “going out” routine, and go to an open mic at 7th Street, or maybe stop by Uptown or the Weis Center to hear a visiting musician. Many people I have met crave a space to be together and share music in a different type of environment other than the typical Bucknell party. Students have taken it upon themselves to make their mark on the social scene and do something different, almost creating a type of social/cultural movement by creating an event called, “Bankwet.” At Bankwet, students perform their own style of music, from folk, to rap, and electronic. It’s events like these, where students take initiative to create a sub-culture, that provide a comfortable environment in which people can interact and do what they love to do.