Josh Ritter Takes on Family Weekend


Family Weekend 2013 kicked off Friday night with a fun folk performance by the Josh Ritter Trio and supporting act Sam Amidon.  With a mixture of simple songs and heartfelt melodies, the show was a great choice for both students and families.

josh-ritter-1I had never listened to Josh Ritter before the show on Friday, but I left being completely impressed.  His songs are real and relatable yet characteristically simple.  Named one of the 10 Most Exciting Artists Now by Entertainment Weekly, Josh Ritter definitely lives up to the hype.

The Weis Center proved to be the perfect space for the small and intimate concert.  The trio’s acoustic harmonies were highlighted both vocally and instrumentally, and Josh Ritter’s stories and conversation kept the audience engaged.  I really enjoyed the relaxed style of the group, and their playing felt more like an onstage jam session than a rehearsed show.

Described as folk/Americana, the Josh Ritter Trio manages to present a style that is uniquely their own.  Their guitar-heavy songs feature both acoustic and classical guitar in addition to cello accompaniment.   Vocal harmonies were constant throughout the show and at times were vaguely Mumford and Sons-esque.  The mandolin and banjo also made appearances adding to the true folk vibe.

Part independent performer, part musical ensemble, Josh Ritter Trio was laidback yet entertaining and definitely worthwhile.  It was exciting to have a current artist on campus from a unique genre, and I hope to see more shows like this at Bucknell in the future.