Journalist of the Week: Alex Horowitz


Alex Horowitz ‘16 is a management major who writes for Campus Vinyl by day and plays jazz bass by night. If you haven’t seen him demonstrate his skills in the the many jazz concerts he’s been in or read his recent piece, What Your Major Says about You, then you’re missing out. Take the first step to getting to know Alex by reading my interview with him below: If your life had a soundtrack and you could only pick two musicians/bands to play every track, who would they be and why?

My soundtrack would definitely be Miles Davis and Notorious B.I.G. My introduction to both of these musicians and how they've changed the genres in which they perform/have performed is what really what got me into Jazz and Hip-hop, respectively. I listen to both of these musicians every day and I never feel tired of their music. They also represent real life. This is the raw, organic stuff! It is what makes music relevant to me every day of my life and brings out the humanity in it.

If you could change/improve one thing about Bucknell’s music scene, what would it be?

I'm going to have to break the rules here and talk about two things that should be changed: student awareness of the music currently happening on campus as well as the opportunity for students to enjoy more live music that they can identify with. There is so much music happening here. The jazz in particular has been outstanding this semester. But most students don't really listen to jazz and if they do, they are unaware of where its happening and with whom. We need to have more opportunity here for the students to have a say in some of the live music selections brought to campus as well as getting students to the performances currently happening on the large and small scale.

What genre, artist, or group do you listen to when you need a good stress relief?

I definitely listen to a lot of jazz for stress relief, but I do occasionally turn to Rick Ross in times of stress. He only raps about him being the man, so its pretty therapeutic.

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

The Watch the Throne Concert with Jay-Z and Kanye West will definitely be hard to top. They performed 60 songs, half on them on these moving, 6x6, 50 foot pillars. Absolutely insane.

Songs on your current playlist:

Majid Jordan’s “Her”


Joey Bada$$’s “Christ Consciousness”


Miles Davis’s “Milestones”

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