Journalist of the Week: Annie Dempsey


Check out her awesome review on the a cappella groups concert at the Campus Theatre for BACES. JP: Your article on the A Capella groups last week was very articulate and descriptive. Who do you think your favorite group was?

AD: I would have to say of all the groups performing, Beyond Unison was by far my favorite. They are so unbelievably dynamic, playful, charismatic and engaging. They utilized all members’ talents with the set list they chose. I’m still reeling from Alli Aaron’s performance of “Bottom of the River”, what a voice. Overall, they take the cake on this concert; I was left with chills.

JP: If your life had a soundtrack and you could only pick two musicians/bands to play every track, who would they be and why?

AD: I fortunately grew up listening to some of the best folk-rock bands of all time. So with that being said, Creedence Clearwater Revival would be the first half of the soundtrack. CCR is by far my most played Pandora station. They remind me so much of my dad and listening to him play the guitar when I was little, a definite cure to being homesick. The second half would be Jack Johnson. He was the first artist that I ever really got into, like bought all albums, stalked his complete life story, bought guitar tabs, etc. I love how mellow and uplifting he is. I’ve seen him 3 times now and each concert keeps getting better and better. He’s the artist I could listen to forever and not get sick of.

JP: If you could change/improve one thing about Bucknell’s music scene, what would it be?

AD: I would encourage more people to come forward and join the scene, regardless of how talented you think you may or may not be.  I’m pretty guilty of this too, I would like to perform sometime in my time at Bucknell; it’s on the bucket list. The only way to propel Bucknell’s music scene is to have people start strumming and singing. That’s what constitutes a music scene. Once we establish that, other musicians will follow suit. Also, more live music outside during the spring/early fall when everyone is out and about.

JP: If you could play with any musician/band other than your own, who/which would it be?

AD: I saw Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros this past summer twice during my festival circuit and their stage presence is infectious. They’re so happy and free and engaged in their music, it makes everyone want to be a part of it. It wasn’t just about the music, but the atmosphere too. I would love to get up there and just jam with them.

JP: Who were your favorite acts you saw at festivals last summer and why? Any stories?

AD: I had more fun this past summer than any 19 year old should. At Bonnaroo, we watched Jack Johnson on the hill section of VIP only to be approached by some guys who lived “down the road” (mild red flag), the offered us some kabobs (not a red flag, they were delicious), and hung out with them for the rest of the concert. Also at ‘roo, we saw R. Kelly, which needless to say, was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. It was right after Jack Johnson so we were super hyped up. He finished with “I Believe I Can Fly” and released hundreds of dove balloons. Naturally, I grabbed two to take home as souvenirs. The most unreal experience we had at Bonnaroo was meeting Alt-J after their concert and hanging out for the rest of the night with them. They were so unbelievably chill and I was so absolutely unchill, way too star-struck. Lastly, at Firefly, we waited 3 ungodly hours to be front row at Foster the People; sweet Jesus, it was beyond worth it. We brought copious amounts of body paint and made so many friends in the crowd. My fondest memories to date.

JP: So, you’re obviously journalist of the week for a reason, but can you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been working on internally that our CV readers might not know about?

AD: I was recently promoted to VP of Marketing so I am now in charge of all social media platforms and getting our name out there. We have some merch in the works for our dedicated followers, as well as some awesome upcoming events. My new job is to get the word out to the entire campus and promote the content on our website. We’ve revamped our Facebook & Twitter, and soon our Instagram game will be stronger than ever. My goal is to have everyone on campus know, feel, and participate with the presence of Campus Vinyl.

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