Journalist of the Week: Brianna Marshall


If you don't know Brianna Marshall, I suggest you seek her out as she is definitely someone you want to get to know. She may be quiet at first, but ask her about her music interests, and she'll open up instantly. Between her excellent tastes in albums and journalism, she is a true gem to us here at Campus Vinyl which is why we chose her as our Journalist of the Week. (She exemplifies her skill in her most recent article found here.) Read about her thoughts on the Bucknell music scene, her plans for this summer, and more below: Who was the best artist you've ever seen live and why?

Coldplay will always be a standout live show for me.  The tickets were a gift from my parents for my 16th birthday and it was the first real live show I had ever seen.  It was during Coldplay’s Viva La Vida tour and I was beyond impressed with the performance.  Chris Martin’s piano skills are so incredible and the band did really innovative things like performing songs in the middle of the stadium crowd.  The show was so high energy and filled with creative lighting and color and ridiculous amounts of confetti. “The Scientist” encore performance was the perfect ending to the show and definitely my favorite song of the night.

What is your favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene?

I personally love that the Bucknell Music Scene is so incredibly diverse.  There are so many musical interests and talents that are represented at Bucknell which is impressive given the small size of our campus.  It is really great to have the opportunity to see live performances ranging from professional jazz ensembles in the Weis Center to student performers at 7th Street Café and Uptown.  The average Bucknellian has a wide range of favorite artists and genres which adds to the interesting musical mix.

How do you think we can improve the Bucknell Music Scene?

I think that greater student involvement in discussions about music events is really necessary for the growth of the Bucknell Music Scene.  I am sure that there are many undiscovered musical talents on campus that are in need of ways to showcase their abilities.  I also know that there are many students with opinions on concerts and on campus venues as well as various other music-related topics.  If students speak up and make their suggestions heard, they can influence the future of Bucknell music.

What do you think about the new spring event #epic in terms of music?

House Party was one of the best ways for Bucknellians to come together for live music both from student performers and concerts presented by fraternities. The loss of House Party music is a setback for the Bucknell music scene. #epic has the ability to bring campus together but I am really not sure that music will have a significant presence at the event.  Everyone has various expectations for what #epic will be but predictions are difficult for a new and somewhat controversial event.

How do you feel the campus has reacted to this year's Chrysalis performer MC Hammer?

The general reaction that I have heard throughout campus is simply: why?  MC Hammer seems like a confusing choice because of the time frame of his career.  The majority of students are too young to really remember “Hammer time” and he is not a throwback that seems to appeal to faculty and staff.  I think that the choice has sparked a lot of discussion which may help to boost Chrysalis attendance and general interest.  I know that I will definitely be there to see what is sure to be an interesting performance.

Where do you see Campus Vinyl in 5 years?

I hope that Campus Vinyl will continue to provide Bucknell with everything music and that its presence on campus will grow through the years.  Campus Vinyl has already hosted successful live music events and offers students fresh perspectives on the latest in the music world.  I would like Campus Vinyl to be a long-term university institution and a continuous outlet for Bucknell’s many music lovers.

Is there anything you're looking forward to music-wise this summer? Any concerts, festivals?

I am super excited to go to Sweetlife Music Festival at Merriweather Post Pavilion in May.  Lana Del Rey and Foster the People are headlining and other great acts like Bastille and Bombay Bicycle Club are performing too.  I have never seen any of the performers in the lineup live so it is definitely going to be a great experience.  I have been waiting to see a Foster the People show for a long time and Lana Del Rey has always been a favorite of mine.  I love summer concerts so hopefully I will have multiple chances to see live music throughout the summer!