Journalist of the Week: Caroline Carey


What up CVBU? This week’s featured journalist is Caroline Carey ’16, after her dope review of upcoming duet Johnnyswim ( . I caught up with her to pick her brain on the Bucknell music scene, her favorite artists, and how music impacts her life. She’s a member of the Silhouettes (, the premier all-female a Capella group at Bucknell for whom she arranges many songs. Check it out! JP: If your life had a soundtrack and you could only pick two musicians/bands to play every track, who would they be and why?

CC: One would be Crosby Stills and Nash for sure. Other than being my favorite band, I like that their music is soothing but still has meaning. They sing about things that matter, but in more of a laid back way than many other bands, and in some ways that’s what I'm trying to do: stand up for things that matter without causing conflict.

And just for fun, the other would be Barry White. Who doesn't want that voice narrating their everyday life. Nothing can really be that bad when Barry White is talking.

JP: What’s your favorite part about the music scene at Bucknell?

CC: I love that everyone in the music scene knows each other. Its like you have a special bond with all these people from all over campus because you both love the same thing. And I think musicians are the best kinds of people (maybe I'm biased), so the fact that I get to be close with a lot of them is awesome.

JP: Following up with that, if you could change/improve one thing about Bucknell’s music scene, what would it be?

CC: Make it bigger! I know there are a lot of talented people out there who aren't involved or don't know how to get involved. I love all the bands that come out of frats but it'd be great to see one that doesn't stem from Greek life. I feel like the music scene and Greek life are so intertwined that it alienates some people. Some of the talent I've seen already is mind blowing and I know there's more out there. I'm excited about it.

JP:. If you could play with any musician/band other than your own, who/which would it be?

CC: Queen (RIP Freddie Mercury). They were known for their insane live shows and were one of the most talented bands in history, so playing with them would obviously be life changing.

JP: . If you could pick a festival, what would your three headliners be and why?

CC: That's tough. I'd try to keep some variety but also stick to what people would want to hear. You've always got to have an established popular artist, so for that I'd go with Macklemore. I'm a fan of EDM at festivals so for that I'd choose someone like Afrojack or Zedd. And I think its great when festivals feature an up-and-coming bands too.

Keep checking CVBU for the rest of Caroline’s articles throughout the semester! She’s got the ear for pure harmony and upcoming artists.

Jake Perlmutter