Journalist of the Week: Harrison Wilf


Harrison Wilf is our Journalist of the Week for his spotlight on Jimi Hendrix.  I asked Harrison a few questions about how music fits into his life -- definitely worth the read!  Get to know our Journalist of the Week this week, Harrison.    

If you could be one musician for a year (past or present) who would you be and why?

It would probably have to be Mick Jagger in the year 1969 who really was at the height of his career in the Rolling Stones who still had Brian Jones and released their best album with Let it Bleed and they also had a highly successful American Tour. Mick was on top of the world and it was the prime of his abilities and life.


If you were out on a romantic dinner and could only have one song playing the whole time, what would it be?

All of Me by John Legend


What music genre, artist, and/or group do you listen to when you need a good stress relief?

While I generally try my best to avoid being stressed out over things in the hectic world there are always going to be few stressful times. I love to listen to some Marvin Gaye and also Sam Cooke. Sam Cooke is to me the most underrated artist and had his life tragically cut short meaning most people now do not know about him. Cooke had one of the best voices of all time but Marvin Gaye had a great voice and also a great perspective on life which is great to listen when you're stressed.


What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

I wouldn’t say I am a big fan of concerts in the modern day because very few artists can make it worth the price instead of just listening the album as the artist intended you to hear it. Also acts from the past (Rolling Stones or Paul McCartney) have decaying musical talent and I’d prefer just to listen to their album versions and live renditions when they were on top of their game. No to move on to the question the best live performance I have seen was when I was lucky enough to see Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. He was absolutely incredible and is one of the few modern artists who has the voice to warrant seeing him live and he certainly killed his performance on the biggest stage.


What was the first CD you ever bought?

My dad as a relatively large sized CD collection that he has bought or received as gifts back when CD’s were the only way to get music so I certainly listen to those a lot but there was one album I wanted to buy badly. Even though I would never pass 808s and Heartbreak Kanye’s best work the pure tone of the album is simply exceptional. Written during his dark emotional state following his mother's tragic death and break up with his longtime girlfriend pours his heart and soul into a largely auto tuned album yet does not feel forced at all. The album tells a dark and harrowing story but I would surely recommend it as a great listen for a long car ride. I certainly am glad it was the first album I purchased.