Journalist of the Week: Jack Dealtrey


Our Treasurer and "Hot Track of the Week" columnist Jack Dealtrey '15 is pretty busy this week between his work with Concert Committee getting ready for Darius Rucker and Campus Vinyl's register at UpTown. Check out his latest article and his thoughts on the Bucknell music scene. Who was the best artist you've ever seen live and why?

The Killers at Firefly Music Festival. It was great to hear again music from when I was growing up that I would bop my head along with on the pop hits radio. Also the special effects were to die for.

What is your favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene?

I actually really enjoy the venue Uptown, it's pretty intimate.  The crowd there usually knows each other so side conversations are ensuing while a band plays.  I think it's a strong social spot, especially on pub nights.

How do you think we can improve the Bucknell Music Scene?

Get more people to events!  Place them before greek-life mixers?

What did you think about #epic in terms of music?

H.M.S. Pinafore was to die for.  Other than that the DJs seemed pretty standard (unnoticeable).

How do you feel the campus has reacted to this year's Chrysalis performer MC Hammer?  

I think everyone is really excited for the energy that he will bring to the stage.  Not sure if many are familiar with his songs (I know I'm not) but I think people are excited by the name.

Where do you see Campus Vinyl in 5 years?  

Thriving at other college campuses, with Bucknell University being the flagship program of the franchise, assuming we can pull in some interested underclassmen.

Is there anything you're looking forward to music-wise this summer? Any concerts, festivals?

Yeah, I'm going to be living in Philadelphia this summer, so I'm looking forward to the bar music scene there.  Nothing too out of the ordinary but I like the smaller live stuff.