Journalist of the Week: Jason Hammett


Mr. Jason Hammett is our current sophomore digital editor. He is responsible for uploading articles to the website, making sure that everything you read looks how it's supposed to. Without his hard work, we would be lost. Additionally, he is an outstanding writer and has contributed quite a selection to our Campus Vinyl repertoire which is why we decided to recognize him as Journalist of the Week! If your life had a soundtrack and you could only pick two musicians/bands to play every track, who would they be and why?

I have never thought about this before. A soundtrack plays such a heavy role in a movie that it can drastically alter the reaction to it. Besides taking the cop out and saying John Williams, I would have to say solely Bo Burnham. That may sound pretentious, but I feel like he could do my goofy attitude toward life justice. He makes songs that are both funny and deep in meaning. Also, I never have any clue what I am doing so that fits since you can't tell where he is ever going in his songs.

If you could change/improve one thing about Bucknell’s music scene, what would it be?

If I could change Bucknell's music scene, I would use my God-like powers to move Bucknell to a major metropolis or right outside it. Lewisburg doesn't exactly have a vibrant concert or music scene. Or a scene at all. Bucknell always has concerts, but I really miss going to events that are not school run or specifically for Bucknell students. Concerts are always a mix of diverse groups of people, which is not really an experience here.

What genre, artist, or group do you listen to when you need a good stress relief?

Facing all judgement head on, I listen to ballads when stressed or in an awful mood. It doesn't matter whether they are pop ballads, sad country songs, or the Les Mis soundtrack. When I listen to other people going through hard times, I know I'm not alone while I burn midnight oil getting homework done. My problems are nothing compared to Jean Valjean's.

What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

The best concert I ever went to wasn't the best for traditional reasons. The music was only alright and the band was way past their prime. I saw Neutral Milk Hotel this summer in Brooklyn, and it was a day chock full o' drama. You'll have to check out my article on it...

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