Journalist of the Week: Jen Lassen


If you haven't met Jen Lassen, or seen her frantically running around Bucknell from activity to club, then to her other club and other activity, I'm not sure if you actually go here. She was gracious enough to accept the prestigious award of Journalist of the Week, and she gave me some time this week to pick her brain! She runs the Bucknellian, is involved with Concert Committee, ACE, CV, and probably much more. Clearly a music junkie, Jen has some dope insight on the Bucknell Music Scene! Check it out!  

JP: Who was the best artist you've ever seen live and why?

JL: The best artist I've seen live is Coldplay...hands-down. I saw their Mylo Xyloto tour in July 2012 in Philadelphia, and before the show, they handed out light-up wristbands to audience members. As Coldplay played their songs, our wristbands would light up to the music. So cool.


JP: What is your favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene?

JL: My favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene is the variety of music we have here given the size of our school. One night I'm going to the Bucknell Opera Company performance; the next day I'm listening to the Gamelan Ensemble's concert; and the day after that I'm at Uptown or 7th Street Cafe listening to students perform covers or original pieces. I love that students from all different musical backgrounds can easily showcase their talents.


JP: What can be better about the Bucknell Music Scene?

JL: I think something that can improve the Bucknell Music Scene is using more venues on campus or in Downtown Lewisburg to host concerts. We have so many great spaces on campus and in Lewisburg--both large and small--and we should try our best to fill each and every one of them with live music on school nights and weekends. Hosting these events all over campus would be a great way to strengthen our campus community and unite students with one of the best art forms of all: live music.


JP: How do you feel the campus has reacted to this year's Spring Concert of Darius Rucker, Eli Young Band and Corey Smith?

JL: As a member of the Bucknell Concert Committee, I would have to say that campus has reacted very positively to this year's Spring Concert. Country music is a great genre for the springtime, and many students have expressed their excitement about not only the performers, but the event as a whole. It's gonna be a good one!


JP: Where do you see Campus Vinyl in 5 years?

JL: In five years, I see Campus Vinyl sponsoring lots of large and small-scale live music events on campus and in Downtown Lewisburg. I foresee an amazing future for this organization, not only as the go-to source for all music news on our campus (and perhaps on other college campuses, too!), but as the main student organization devoted to enhancing Bucknellians' out-of-the-classroom experience through live campus music.


JP: Is there anything you're looking forward to music-wise this summer? Any concerts, festivals?

JL: This summer, I'm so excited to see Ingrid Michaelson in concert at The Electric Factory in Philly. She's one of my favorite singers, and this will be my first time seeing her live! I'm also excited to see Bastille, Foster the People, Cage the Elephant, and a bunch more artists play together at a festival in Philly. In addition to these shows, I'll get the chance to experience Jack Johnson at a live outdoor concert. In my opinion, his mellow music is perfect for summertime.

Jake Perlmutter