Journalist of the Week: Laura Yoo


The editor of our writing team, Miss Laura Yoo, is this week's winner of Journalist of the week. Between her editorial expertise and writing prowess, Laura has certainly made her mark on Campus Vinyl BucknellU. After reading our interview where she reveals her opinions surrounding the Bucknell music scene and her experiences beyond the bubble, be sure to check out her most recent article, "Yasiin Gaye - The Departure: Side One".  

LP: Who was the best artist you've ever seen live and why?

LY: The best artist I’ve seen live thus far is probably Dada Life.  I saw them this past NYE in New York, and it was an unreal experience.  The whole concept of “Dadaland,” the hypothetical kingdom filled with bananas and champagne that these 2 DJs bring to every show, makes for an extremely fun mess.  Throughout their set, they stressed the need for every person to “get ugly,” or as I interpreted it, just dance and feel the music without worrying about petty things.  My favorite song they played has to be “Happy Violence,” for which they threw a ton of pillows into the crowd for a massive pillow fight – easily one of the best, and most chaotic, experiences of my life.


LP: What is your favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene?

LY: My favorite thing about the Bucknell Music Scene is the sheer amount of student talent and dedication on campus.  The student musicians at Bucknell create music because they genuinely love it.  The fact that they all take time out of their busy schedules to compose, practice, and/or perform goes to show just how much music means to them.  I’ve also found that the students here are really flexible with their musical abilities.  For example, I love being able to see a student playing a double bass with the orchestra one day, but then jamming downtown on an electric bass the next.  This again shows their commitment, along with the freedom to play music on an academic and recreational level here at Bucknell.


LP: How do you think we can improve the Bucknell Music Scene?

LY: I think we can improve the Bucknell Music Scene by getting more students involved or interested in it.  The Bucknell student body can be pretty apathetic at times, and it’d be really nice to see more students attend, or even just be receptive to, the many events and shows held around campus.  I know that we’re all super busy and it’s hard to find time to go to one of these shows, but simply making it there is honestly the hardest part.  Once there, you’ll often be surprised at how relaxing, engaging, and refreshing a musical performance of any kind can be.  That being said, I think that there could definitely be more shows with a college student’s interest in mind, plus publicity for these shows, around campus – but I guess that’s what Campus Vinyl is here for!


LP: What do you think about the new spring event #epic in terms of music?

LY: I can’t really tell how I feel about #epic.  In and of itself, it sounds like a super fun event and I’ll definitely be attending.  But the fact that it’s essentially a House Party “replacement” is what makes me, and I’m assuming everyone else, pretty skeptical.  I am really curious though about what kind of musicians they’re bringing to the event, and just how they are executing the whole thing.  Although nothing could come close to the truly epic weekend that was House Party, but it’s obvious that many people have worked tirelessly to create #epic, which is something we can all appreciate.


LP: How do you feel the campus has reacted to this year's Chrysalis performer MC Hammer?

LY: I think the campus has generally reacted pretty positively to MC Hammer as this year’s Chrysalis performer.  My friends and I thought it was kind of a random choice, but we’re looking forward to wearing harem pants to the show – jokes.  I think as long as he performs some dance-able tunes and gets the crowd going, everyone will be perfectly pleased.


LP: Where do you see Campus Vinyl in 5 years?

LY: Campus Vinyl has already had such a substantial influence in its short time on campus, and I think the next 5 years will bring it to an entirely new level.  I see it getting as big as HerCampus, racking up likes, views, and flooding our Facebook feeds with compelling new articles.  Hopefully by then, students will be eagerly checking the page to read our latest reviews and find upcoming events.  Campus Vinyl has huge potential to reach all students, and with continued hard work and dedication, it can definitely realize that potential!


LP: Is there anything you're looking forward to music-wise this summer? Any concerts, festivals?

LY: So far for this summer, I’m looking forward to going to Electric Daisy Carnival in NYC again, and hopefully making it to Governor’s Ball for my first time.  EDC just released their lineup, and it includes huge names like Hardwell and Tiesto, both amazing DJs that I can’t wait to hear live.  As for Governor’s Ball, I’m simply amazed at the diversity and sheer mass of the lineup.  From Outkast to Skrillex, James Blake to Grimes, and so so much more, I don’t know what to expect from this festival except total awesomeness.  Music festivals in general are always a great time – a ridiculous amount of people gathered outdoors to just chill and enjoy good music?  There’s nothing better.

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