Journalist of the Week: Marcus Schenck


This week's featured journalist is Marcus Schenck '16. After reading his most recent article on the movie Frozen and its upcoming transformation into a musical theatre production, we decided to ask him about his thoughts on the Bucknell music scene, what repertoire he's working on right now, and his plans for the future as a Vocal Performance major.  LP: We already know you're a very talented vocalist, but tell us about what music groups you're involved with on campus and which one is your favorite?

MS: I’m a member of Beyond Unison, the Rooke Chapel Choir, the Concert Chorale, and the Bucknell Opera Company. I’d have to my favorite is between Beyond Unison and the Opera Company. Both are such tight-knit groups of extremely talented musicians and friends who share just as much excitement being able to perform, both a cappella and operatic repertoire, just as much as I do. It’s so much fun!

LP: If you had the opportunity to fix or change one aspect of the music scene or music department, what would it be?

MS: I think what I would change would be that people should just be more willing to go and experience all of the different musical acts that happen so often on campus. Over the course of our four years here, we have amazing opportunity to be exposed to all types of music ranging independent student musicians performing down at 7th Street Café, student bands and DJs, internationally acclaimed opera artists, instrumental ensembles, and even jazz groups. I think everyone would be really surprised about something new that they haven’t yet experienced if they would just open up their minds to it.

LP: If you could bring one artist to campus, who would it be?

MS: I’d have to say Zedd, hands down. He’s an amazing artist that’s taken the world by storm (I mean he just won a GRAMMY [for Best Dance Recording with featured artist Foxes for “Clarity”]. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me.) It would be the biggest concert of the year at Bucknell and I think that everyone would have so much fun just being in such a high-energy place with someone as awesome as Zedd at the tables.

LP: Are you excited for the Spring Concert? Why or why not?

MS: I can’t say I’m raving about the Spring Concert with Darius Rucker and the Eli Young Band. There seemed to be a lot of hype around getting a really big artist this spring and while Darius Rucker is fairly big on the country scene, it wasn’t at all what I expected. I think a lot of people know his lead single “Wagon Wheel”, including myself, but besides that, I’m not super pumped. If anything, I’ll being going just to have a good time with some friends.

LP: What pieces are you working on right now?

MS: The Bucknell Opera Company is putting on our production of “The Magic Flute” by W.A. Mozart where I will be playing the wizard Sarastro. Everyone in the company has a role so it’s a really big undertaking.

Also in April, I will be giving my sophomore recital in conjunction with one of my great friends and fellow Vocal Performance Major, Isabel Rogers. I’ll be singing works from composers including Copland and Poulenc and I’m really excited to be working on the recital over the course of the semester.

With Beyond Unison, we’re working on rep for our Spring Concert with our senior songs and also five new arrangements including one of my own for “Take Me to Church” by upcoming indie artist, Hozier.

LP: What are your plans for after Bucknell? Do you plan to continue with a career in music?

MS: After Bucknell, I’m planning to go to graduate school at a music conservatory for vocal performance. I would love to keep performing in some capacity or work in some other part of the industry like in management or in some creative other capacity.

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