Journalist of the Week: Tom Bonan


Tom Bonan '17 has been selected as Journalist of the Week for his awesome collection of articles this semester and superior set of playlists on Spotify. From his Southwestern Driving Tour Playlist to his review of Led Zeppelin's Tour, this guy has displayed his tremendous writing skills and Campus Vinyl is lucky to have his creative ideas on the table. So check out my interview with him below, then take a peak at his Spotify page. You won't be disappointed. If your life had a soundtrack and you could only pick two musicians/bands to play every track, who would they be and why?

If my life had a soundtrack, it would probably be written/performed by The Beatles and Gregory Alan Isakov. The Beatles is an obvious choice for me – I feel like the range and depth of their music could cover almost every possible scenario I could imagine myself being in. Whether I am being chased down the street by a mob of girls or retreating to India for some soul-searching, they’ve got me covered. I also feel that Isakov’s music is indicative of a lot of my life. He plays very dramatic and mellow folk-rock, and as an added bonus he lives in Nederland, Colorado, just a few minutes outside of my hometown of Boulder. 

If you could change/improve one thing about Bucknell’s music scene, what would it be?

I think the best change that could be made is some of the music that is being played at Super Saturdays and during parties on campus. I personally think the best type of party music is some good hip-hop or even some really interesting house music, but I don’t see very much of that being played around campus. Either way, it really comes down to personal preference, but if you start hearing music like that at a party, look for me over in the DJ booth.

What genre, artist, or group do you listen to when you need a good stress relief?

When I am really stressed, my go to music is usually some solid jazz. Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue and Birth of the Cool really calm me down, but are upbeat enough to keep me going on my way. I would also include anything off of Undercurrent by Bill Evans and Jim Hall and Mysterious Traveler by Weather Report in there for the same reasons.

 What’s the best concert you have ever been to?

Probably my favorite concert that I have seen is Sound Tribe Sector 9 back in Colorado. They have an incredible live show, mostly because they are an upbeat jam-band that focuses on blending the new and the old through various lighting and musical techniques. STS9 is really something else and I haven’t seen many other performances out there that could rival theirs.

 Current playlist: