Ke$ha’s New Reality Show


The other day, while casually listening to some throwbacks on Spotify, my playlist was interrupted by the voice of an angel. To my astonishment it was Ke$ha advertising her new reality show on MTV, My Crazy, Beautiful Life. As a music journalist, I felt as though it was my obligation to find out what this magnificent television surprise was all about, so I sat down with my popcorn and vitamin water for an intellectual analysis of all the crazy, glittery madness. I must admit that I approached it as a skeptical viewer with expectations of party scene after party scene. But to my surprise, the show takes on a much different feel. Spoiler alert- I will be discussing different aspects of the show, so if you want the full Ke$ha experience, read with caution.

Ke$ha’s older brother Lagan Sebert, a journalist and filmmaker, decided to document the last two years of the superstar’s life, following and capturing the adventures of her first headlining tour, the, ahem, Get Sleazy Tour.

The show opens with a black light driven concert montage of a New York show which left me attempting to decipher what was sweat and what was glitter reflecting off of our songstress. Then, as would be expected, a backstage look of Ke$ha which then cut to a party scene. So far pretty much everything you would expect a Ke$ha TV show to be. But surprisingly my “let’s get drunk” count only reached two...for the entire show. KeshaFront-book-coverIt turns out Ke$ha is a hopeless romantic, longing for Harold, her love from many moons ago, and the “muse” for her work today. Some of you may know The Harold Song, which it turns out, was written for no other than Harold. She explains how, although she has fallen in love since, no one can compare to dear Harold and ever since their break-up, he has been her inspiration in numerous songs. The show provides an intimate look at Ke$ha’s giddy behavior as she discusses her past lover in a very “sleepover talk” manner. But also perks back up when she talks about her quest for a new bearded love.

I do have to give Ke$ha some credit, I was pleased to see the show taking on a different feel than what I expected, a more personal approach about her struggles, fears and strife, as opposed to a constant party montage.


She portrays herself as an activist against bullying, confessing she too was a victim in high school, but insists to her fans to “Give haters the finger and be yourself!” One potent scene reshaped my preconceived notion of Ke$ha. A young fan approached her at a meet and great and presented the artist with a scrapbook detailing his experience as a victim of bullying and how her music helped him through it. Ke$ha took the time to read through his hard work and gave him a genuine hug- a sweet scene from an otherwise intimidating person

Will this show take-off and become a success? Its hard to tell right now, but here’s my prediction: I think it’ll have a successful few runs but after several episodes, will be one of those shows that you watch when they happen to be on and no longer set time aside for. But who knows really? All I can say is that it is bound to be a lipstick fueled frenzy of sweat, fake blood, and tears.