Kiiara - Feels + its Remixes


Kiiara, the singer-songwriter of catchy, snappy, and dynamic track “Gold” has released another song worth a listen (or a hundred listens).  “Feels” features the same ethereal vocals and futuristic electronic sound.  And like “Gold”, “Feels” uses vocal processing in such a distinct and decisive way to leave listeners simultaneously disoriented and captivated.

Hotel Garuda has gone one step beyond Kiiara’s track, raising it from gold to platinum.  This group, who emerged as strong online presence and is now featured at top festivals, is comprised of DJ and producers Candle Weather and Manila Killa.  The two have taken Kiaara’s song and turned it into an even more infectious piece with a deep bass line and dancey chorus.

Felix Cartal has also gotten a hold of “Feels”, churning out another party-ready hit.  Proclaiming his love for Kiiara’s original song, Cartal added his own touch to turn this mellow ballad into a dance floor ready recording.  The DJ/producer did not undercut the original artist’s ethereal vocals, but created something new out of an already infectious sound.


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