Kings of Leon: Back On Fire!


Who remembers “Use Somebody?,” The throwback that took over everyone’s radio in 2010? Anyone? Maybe it’s not too much of a throwback, but the Tennessee-raised brothers (plus a cousin) that make up Kings of Leon definitely made a statement with their 2008 album “Only By The Night”. That killer hit along with the popular “Sex on Fire” brought them onto everyone’s radar; letting them spread from a more U.K. oriented fan base to the US. Everyone had “Oooh! That sex is on fire!” stuck in their heads. Since then, although they have released quality songs such as “Radioactive,” we haven’t heard anything AMAZING from them. After being propelled into the arena rock spotlight, it seemed as if they were trying too hard to become the classic rock & roll U2 while still trying to keep up their southern sound. The result?  2010’s “Come AKings+of+Leon+KOLPNGround Sundown” wasn’t bad, but it was definitely a little artificial sounding; they fell off the radar.

This past week the Kings released “Mechanical Bull”, their latest album. To sum it up in one word – refreshing! I felt that the group finally went back to their southern roots, which shined throughout the album. From song to song the album has a much more relaxed, garage jam feel. From the mellower “Comeback Story” to the more edgy “Rock City,” the group seems so much more genuine! They managed to produce a down to earth, fluid southern blues-rock sound while throwing in some fantastic guitar solos. Finally we get to hear more from the Kings of Leon the country fell in love with, during their pre-popularized period.

With much more music getting modernized and repetitive I was pumped when the Kings came up with such a real sound. I hate when solid bands get recognition only to cave to hollywoodization (if that’s a word). You know he’s authentic when he jams and belts “I could shake it like a woman…I break down like a woman”. He’s not just going for straight popular approval with those lyrics.  Doesn’t that just make you love it so much more? I did! If you haven’t given it a listen I highly recommend it, maybe for some night you’re just relaxing in your room and hiding from the outside world.