Kygo Brings Us Tropical House


Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has been rising and taking over the young music scene for a few years now. Electronic artists like Avicii, Zedd, and Tiësto have pretty recently shown the world the great potential of their types of music, bringing with them a whole new category of concerts and festivals. Among these talented DJs is the quickly up and coming 23-year-old Norwegian born artist Kygo. Kygo has managed to emerge among a world full of promising and ambitious DJs and attract A LOT of attention from record labels and fans. His sound cloud uploads have all received more that 1 million plays. Most recognized is his rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing” and Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire”.  What sets him apart? Billboard magazine attributes his success to his “frat-boy good looks”, his style, his well known co-signers (including Diplo and Coldplay) but most importantly his talent to be able to produce a different type of music that sets him apart from the rest - tropical house.

Tropical House is a new and recent emergence in the EDM world, pioneered by Kygo. It’s a more slow and relaxed electronic sound that gives us a chill island feel, differing from the hard core dance EDM you see a lot from Avicii and Tiësto. Kygo’s familiarity with the piano among other instruments gives him further unique tools to use in his music. Kygos different sound and break from the norm of EDM has recently gained him a record deal from two of the biggest record labels—Ultra Records and Sony International—giving him a new international and U.S. based platform. When the North American Endless Tour dates were released in the beginning of August they were met by overwhelming excitement from fans. Almost all of the seats sold out immediately.

Kygo recently preformed at TomorrowWorld and finished up an extremely successful Endless Summer Tour. After heading to New York City at the end of September and taking over the music scene for a weekend, Kygo is now planning on moving his tour to Europe, starting with a stop in Romania then moving on to venues in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, London, and more. Although this tour begins in late November, six of his concerts are already sold out and he has already begun to add on to his tour, now with two shows in London. With all this hype, Kygo is definitely going places (literally and figuratively) and I recommend we keep an ear out for any of his new music.

What to look out for in the future? Kygo is releasing his debut album in April 2015 and we are expecting an album a lot different than the normal pop-elctro that has been being released by other EDM artists. So keep up with this guy and keep listening.

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