Lake Street Dive: The Side Pony Lifestyle


On October 8th, Lake Street Dive sold out Radio City Music Hall. Ever since my brother introduced me to Lake Street Dive a couple years ago, I have been hooked. After seeing them at two smaller venues within the past two years, I was a bit hesitant about seeing them play at Radio City Music Hall. Radio City is a venue with seats, which sets the scene for a lower energy concert. Secondly, the venue is pretty large and I always have more fun at smaller concerts. I did though understand that playing at Radio City was a huge deal for them and I knew they would kill the show anyway. The opening act for Lake Street Dive was RubbleBucket, an indie-dance band from Brooklyn. Although they were very different from Lake Street Dive, I found that their style did overlap with Lake Street Dive’s because they used a lot of trumpets and brass instruments. During the opening act, Rubblebucket mentioned that they have been long time friends with Lake Street Dive. I think it’s so awesome when bands that are friends end up doing shows together.

As for Lake Street Dive’s performance, they didn’t fail to impress. The crowd was standing for nearly the entire concert and they played a fair amount of songs from their new album, Side Pony, which I was very excited about. One of my favorite songs from the new album is “Mistakes”, which is a bit slower than the rest of the album. Rachael Prince’s vocals keep this song very simple, but her smooth, angelic voice makes the song flow so well.

In addition to the new songs Lake Street Dive performed, they also did some amazing covers, including “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. This cover was my favorite song of the night because it was so dynamically complicated and they managed to execute it so well. The reason this song was so well executed was because the vocal harmonies were so spot-on. Their decision to perform a cover of such a classic towards the end of the set was also a smart choice because nearly everyone was able to sing along and really feel the music.

Several times during the performance Rachael, the lead singer, mentioned how much of a dream it was for them to be performing at Radio City. She described the many ways in which she had been preparing for this specific show and how she couldn’t believe it was actually a reality. She also explained the idea behind the title of the new album Side Pony. Side pony isn’t just a funky, out of the ordinary hairdo, but it is also a lifestyle. A side pony represents the unusual, quirky, or weird thing that everyone rocks in his or her personality. I thought this concept was very clever and helped the audience connect with the band.

I can’t wait for Lake Street Dive to come back to NYC or anywhere close to Bucknell because I really crave the energy they bring to their performances. If you have not listened to Lake Street Dive, I highly recommend watching one of their live YouTube videos.

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