Late Night 7th Street With Marcus and Nikki Preview


This Friday, April 3rd at 10 PM, Campus Vinyl BucknellU’s very own Marcus Schenck will be performing at 7th Street with sophomore Nikki Allison. I got to know the duo earlier this week and can tell that this will be a performance you will not want to miss! Nikki, a Music Education major, is a classically trained cellist, who has been playing for 12 years. She was in a band during high school for five weeks and now causally plays acoustic guitar and bass, writing songs for enjoyment. When asked about the performance, she said:

"I really just wanna have a good time. I want to make the audience feel something and be chill, just relax, and let everyone have fun. It's a chance to share my music and I never really get to do that."

Marcus, a freshman, who is currently a member of a Bucknell co-ed a cappella group, Beyond Unison, is a vocal performance major and has been training classically for two years. Marcus has been writing and arranging songs, classical and otherwise, for “a couple of years” and has been singing in a cappella since his sophomore year of high school. Performing at 7th Street, says Marcus, is new and exciting and a good change of pace from his usual rehearsals for opera, choir and Beyond Unison. I asked about the duo’s style, and his response was nothing short of excellent:

“Our style is really exposed and simple. With only one guitar and two singers, we feel that it doesn't take a lot of complexity to give a great performance. We're here to make music and have a good time but we make for a really effective and enthusiastic duo."

Look out for songs by Mumford and Sonfs, Taylor Swift, Lana del Rey and some originals!

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