Lil Wayne vs. Young Thug: An Update on the Beef


I’m sure you’ve heard about the recent dispute between well-known rappers Lil Wayne and Young Thug. If you haven’t, here is an update of what’s been going down: So we all know about Lil Wayne’s famous four part Tha Carter album series. Tha Carter one through four contain many big-league hits including “6 foot 7 foot”, “Best Rapper Alive” and “Mr. Carter” among other major hip-hop hits. You also probably know that on November 2012, Lil Wayne announced that he would be releasing the fifth and final part of the album series, Tha Carter V sometime in 2015. As fans patiently awaited the finale, Young Thug suddenly revealed on September 2014 that he will be taking over the series with his own Carter 6, adding that Wayne did one to five, so he’ll do six to 10.

As you can imagine, Weezy wasn’t too excited about this news. But he kept his annoyance on the D.L., and it was his daughter, Reginae Carter, who was actually the first to take shots at Young Thug. On March of 2015, Reginae took to twitter to call out Thugger for “trying to be funny,” stating that, “it’s pretty childish” and to “try again if [he’s] trying to get on [her] father’s level.” However, these words seemingly went through one dreadlock-covered ear and out the other when Young Thug solidified his previous statement by revealing his “Carter 6” album artwork (below) and its release date on April 17th.


More than half a year after Young Thug first disclosed his ‘Carter’ series takeover plans, Lil Wayne finally decided to speak out on the issue. “Before I go any further, I want y’all to do me a favor,” Weezy said into the mic during a concert on April 10th, “Stop listening to songs of n----- who pose naked on their m-----f------ album covers.” I think it’s pretty clear whom that was directed to and based on the facts, he has good reason to be irritated.

This news got to Young Thug rather quickly and later that day, he posted a video on instagram expressing his empathy for Lil Wayne’s frustration. He also refers to Young Weezy as his idol and mentions that he “would never in [his] life swap words with him or beef with him about nothing.” Aw.

While this cute confession could have served as a catalyst for the start of a ‘like-father-like-son’ continuance of the ‘Carter’ legacy, Thugger seemed to have a change of heart a few days later. On a Carter 6 promotional video posted on instagram, a female voice can be heard saying, “young f------ money… f--- you. I’ll kill you.” Young Thug’s decision to include this in the video is a clear shot at Lil Wayne and the rest of the Young Money crew (which, if you’ve been keeping up with the latest hip-hop news, has enough problems to deal with already).

Finally, on April 14th, Young Thug announced he will be changing the name of his album from “Carter 6” to “Barter 6” after he was threatened with a lawsuit. “Can’t name the mixtape Carter 6 because these f--- ass n----- tryin’ to sue just like some hoes,” he said in an Instagram video, “Big ol’ Blood so… ‘Barter 6’ on the f------ way.” After this announcement, this hostile back and fourth between the rappers has seemingly calmed down… for now. However, after all this commotion, fans are beginning to compare the two dread-locked, tattoo-covered rappers, making predictions about which of the two albums will come out on top.

Will Lil Wayne maintain his veteran, top-dog spot with his newest addition to the world famous Tha Carter series? Or will Young Thug establish himself as Lil Weezy 2.0 with his first part of a potential new five part series, “Barter 6?” I guess we’ll find out when “Tha Carter V” (hopefully) finally drops later this year.

“Barter 6” was released on April 16th and can be streamed below.