The Lowdown on WVBU's Radio Shows


WVBU, 90.5 FM Lewisburg is Bucknell’s only student-run radio station. They offer  24 unique radio shows that play diverse music content from alternative rock to show tunes, hip-hop to Bucknell sports talk. To help you guys navigate which shows and DJs to tune into, CampusVinyl has interviewed each “voice of Bucknell”, creating an alphabetical list of all showtimes and subjects.


128 EDM with Joe Duvall 

Mondays 9-11pm

Tune in on to hear sophomore Joe Duvall’s electronic music selections. Joe is a computer science major, so you can be sure he’s playing the best stuff.

Afghanistan: My Pride with Fatima Arabzada

Fridays 6-7pm

Hear sophomore DJ Tima’s updates on her home country of Afghanistan through guest speakers, traditional music selections, and personal insights.

Album Art with Will Christner

Sundays 4-6pm

This is Bucknell’s only show spinning full albums, only stopping to flip over the record. If you like rock, be sure to check out sophomore DJ Will’s show on Sunday.

An Unexpected Journey with Steven Robare and Samuel Jacobson

Tuesdays 9-10pm

DJ Frodo and DJ Gamgee describe their genre of music as “unexpected”. They play all genres of music, or noise, in combination with personal anecdotes on local, national, and international news.

Ball Don’t Lie with Colin Fields, Justin Honigstein, and Brian Wurster

Tuesdays 10pm-12am


Listen on Tuesday nights for DJ Dareal, DJ Bree, and Justin’s sports talk focusing on the NFL, MLB, NBA with segments on plays of the week, complimented by humorous banter.

BASBHAT with Jack Geduldig and Morgan Klein

Fridays 1-2pm

If you like alternative, indie, and rock genres, tune in on Friday afternoons to hear DJ Morgan and DJ Jack exchange music and jokes. Jack and Morgan met during their first year pre-orientation, Buckwild, trip.  Instant best friends, they started talking about everything from music to favorite foods and totally bonded!

Brotherly Love with Greg Ruda and Thomas Kazharzadeh

Fridays 3-4pm


The name says it all. DJ Taco and DJ Rudacris take Friday afternoons to talk about Philly sports and engage in some nostalgia for their home city.

Good Music and Veggies with Paul Kapinos, Courtney Elliot, and Adam Wetzel

Sundays 11pm-1am

This show is all about the music. If you just want to listen to some good rap and hip/hop, you should definitely tune in to hear these senior DJs’ selections.

Mark and The Mad Dags with Mark Crimmins and Mike D’agostino

Fridays 4-6pm

Senior DJs Mark and Mad Dags talk baseball, football, and food on Friday evenings.

Messiah Haus with Melissa Rios

Saturdays 3-4:30pm 

Take your Saturday afternoon to jam with DJ PariahMAu5 who plays what she wants. She doesn’t define a genre for her show because her choices reflect her mood.


Open Swim with Tom Murphy and Sawyer Owens

Mondays 11pm-12am

“We talk. We freestyle. We play music. Pretty sick.” That’s how DJ Murph-Money and DJ Doobs define their chillin’ genre radio show. You’ll have to tune in to find out what this all means.

Peter and Sara’s Supersonic Adventure Through Time and Space with Sarah Rosenberg and Peter Urein

Wednesdays 10-11pm

Freshmen, DJ Sarah and DJ Busta, bring to you some talk and mostly alternative music to start off your Wednesday nights out.

Plainshow and Tea Time Anytime with Erin Frey

Sundays 10-11pm and Wednesdays 11pm-12am


Freshman DJ The Grey defines her Sunday show as “Nu-Gaze & Chill”. Her Wednesday show is “a mix of music and opinions from the tea lovers of Don’s”.

Power Hour with Steve Hladczuk and Parker Bennet

Saturdays 8-10pm

Freshmen DJ Parker and DJ Steve present to you a two hour mix of music and comedy meant to entertain their listeners.

Rull Punk and Showgazed with Matt Szucs

Thursdays 10-11pm and Tuesdays 8-9pm

Thursday nights with Matt consist of an hour of punk music, while Showgazed features shoegaze, noise rock, dreampop, etc. Talk about a diverse set of music tastes!

Study Hall with Emerson Davis, Will Luckey, and Gavin McGovern

Sundays 8-10pm

Looking for a good music to study to this Sunday? Tune into Study Hall with these juniors for a good Sunday music soundtrack.

The Beat Goes On with Elias Strizower

Tuesdays 7-8pm

Spirited New Yorker, DJ Elias Chonchon, presents another electric music show that he calls “an insurmountable audial experience of the best electronic dance music.”mixer-small-1024x685

The Waffle House with Alice Butler and Beth Rogers

Saturdays 5-7pm

Sophomores Beth and Alice play sweet tunes, tell bad jokes, and talk about life and their love for waffles.

Thursday Evening Blues with Jay Crisfield

Thursdays 8-10pm

Check out senior Jay’s show every Thursday evening if you’re looking to listen to the best in blues.

Train Wreck with Rachel Chou

Fridays 7-9pm

If you’re looking for 2 hours of indie/alternative music, fun, and maybe some “really bad jokes”, tune into sophomore DJ Train’s show on Friday nights.

WD40 with DeAnna Bryfogle and Will Christner

Sundays 12-2pm

DJ Will returns on Sunday afternoons with DJ D to play “a little bit of pop music with some talk to help you ease into your Sunday”.

You Can’t Handle This with Jon DePaolis, Jay Crisfield, Joey McCafferty, Ted Condie, Tom Delano and Kevin Quindlen

Saturdays 12-2pm

Check in on Saturday afternoons for a solid two hours of classic rock and extensive commentary from these six juniors and seniors.

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