Marcus Schenck and Isabel Rogers Vocal Recital


Vocal Recitals are a standard at Bucknell, but rarely do we have two talented souls perform for us at the same time under the same roof. I could promote the shit out of this concert, but I wanted to hear from the horse himself:  

“We're both really excited to see our work finally come together in this recital. We have a diverse set of repertoire but at the same time we think the audience will really enjoy it. It'll be great for us to have this experience and also have the chance to put on an entertaining and engaging performance. We'd like to thank our voice teacher, Dr. Emily Martin-Moberley, and pianist, Professor Lou Ann Potter, for all their help and guidance. We appreciate all the support we've gotten so far from our friends and family and we can't for this Saturday!” –The Horse Himself.


Marcus will be singing pieces by Copland and Handel and Isabel will be singing pieces by Schubert, Fauré, and Puccini. They will also be singing an exciting duet from "La Serva Padrona" by Pergolesi to conclude the recital.


Saturday  at 2PM in the Natalie Rooke Recital Hall in the (Siegfried Weis) Music Building with a sick reception. Join the Facebook Event and hype the noise.


Some real good stuff right there. It’ll be a great way to kickoff your Saturday so don’t miss it. I’ll definitely be there if that means anything.