MGMT's Latest? Weird but Cool


MGMT honestly just keeps getting weirder. But kind of in a cool way. Oracular Spectacular, their 2008 debut put them on the map with several psychedelic synth-pop hits  "Kids," "Electric Feel," and "Time to Pretend," as they sang of stardom in a satirical sense.

Their 2010 follow up Congratulations, disappointed many fans. Choruses lacked major hooks, as they strove to be a modern psychedelic band staying true to their roots with making acid-tinged bubblegum. Before listening to Congratulations, I read several interviews of the band who basically knew their fans would be disappointed in their upcoming album. That takes an incredible amount of integrity - to not be a sell-out and not produce what everyone wants you to produce is remarkable. That's why I have a ton of respect for MGMT - although I really do have to be in a particular mood to listen to Congratulations and their latest self-titled album.


MGMT by MGMT takes you on a very interesting journey. Like Congratulations, MGMT is very progressive. It's the byproduct of Animal Collective and the Flaming Lips, if that were to happen. Two tracks to watch out for in particular: "Introspection", and "Your Life is a Lie". Although most tracks lack consistency and any sort of hook, this album is one of these consistent hazes. In preparation for designing this music video, I can only imagine what was running through their heads. They essentially thought of the weirdest things they could think of, and put them in a two minute video. From kangaroo joeys, to dyed bathtubs, to dancing skeletons, from an old hippie eating a banana, they've thought of it. "Count your friends / Look again / they're not your friends." As pessimistic as MGMT may be on telling me how much my life is a lie, I say definitely give this album a listen to be exposed to how weird and trippy music can really get. I'd definitely suggest being a cloud of some sort or being in an open state of mind - otherwise you'll definitely say, "I freaking hate this, it's garbage." That was my attitude after I first listened to it, but MGMT's new stuff grows on you. I don't love it, but it's definitely worth the listen and the two minute video. They'll make the headlines.

Keep those records spinnin', JP