Midnight Conspiracy Drops the Bass...HARD...at Sig Ep


So how about House Party Weekend 2013 y’all? That was some crazy stuff, right? Which means on Friday you probably stopped at Sig Ep and saw one of the most mind-blowing acts that ever played on Bucknell’s campus. If you can recall, that phenomenon was Midnight Conspiracy, a laser light show and an EDM trio that’s known for its heavy bass and beats, unique and mesmerizing melodies, and that light show with the giant eye as its centerpiece. Despite having burning questions like, “What is the Midnight Conspiracy? Who’s behind it? Where did the last two hours of my life go?” they were probably forgotten within the music or whatever excuse you might have. However, I had the chance to interview two members of Midnight Conspiracy at the end of the night (this actually took place  as they were finishing packing their van to head out, no joke).

Even without as much tech as they would normally like, they put on an awesome show and said that they seemed to think the crowd really enjoyed it. “It seems like a lot of what they play here is Top 40 stuff and I think that we brought something new to them and they were digging it.” They wanted to thank Sigma Phi Epsilon for bringing them to campus, for their hospitality and for their great taste in music, and sharing it the rest of the university.

Midnight Conspiracy 2

I asked them about how the Midnight Conspiracy started and how they feel about where they are now and they had but a rather humble story to tell. The trio was actually attending a party at the club Angels and Wings, which was owned by Pete Wentz (who was of Fall Out Boy), and they had a common interest in electronic music but they wanted to break out of what seemed to become a rather generic EDM box. From there they started working together and became a groundbreaking group to hit the EDM scene.

When asked about how they felt about performing over House Party, they said they really didn’t have any idea of what to expect except that it was one of the biggest parties of the year (little did they know what they were getting into, right?). They usually play outdoors and they said: “We were expecting to because they said last year it was like 70o outside and then it was like 40o or lower so we had to bring as much as we could indoors.”

Midnight Conspiracy 1

So Sig Ep on Friday night was definitely the place to be, just saying. These guys really know how to put on a show and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we already miss them. But don’t be sad about not hearing their music on campus anymore, you can listen to it on their website. They're also going on tour in the states again in May in Chicago, Illinois at the Electric Daisy Carnival after making a stop in Italy in April, which they said they are super-pumped to do. And even better yet, they let me in on their upcoming music. “We have about 10 new tracks… and one of them is a drum and bass track called ‘Conquest’. It’s our first drum and bass track…and it may be our only but we’re excited for it.” Anybody else just dying to hear it? But until then, I hope you remember this show to try and answer your questions: “What is the Midnight Conspiracy? Who’s behind it? Where did the last two hours of my life go?”

Midnight Conspiracy 4