MØ: A Quick Introduction to the Danish Invasion


You’re probably already wondering what in the world am I talking about. It’s ok, you’ll understand in a minute. And hopefully you’ll join in on the invasion; it’s going to be the take-over of the century for the music scene  

25 year-old Karen Marie Ørsted, a.k.a. MØ (pronounced like you’re just getting up from a long night for an even longer day; “muh”) is a Danish singer-songwriter, who, five years ago, we probably would never batted an eye at when she was writing “novelty” songs. But now she’s working with the likes of co-writer and artist Ronni Vindahl and producer Diplo, and has created a sound unlike any other on the music scene. Her music falls somewhere into the electro-pop/alternative realm and it’s a really refreshing addition to the mainstream.


Just last month, she released her debut album No Mythologies to Follow and this is all I have to say about it: “It’s so chill.” That is all.




There’s always a lot going on in her music, it’s not at all minimalistic, which might make you think it’s anything but “chill.” But even with complex beats, unique electronics, and eerily memorable melodies and snippets, it’s so easy to lose yourself in it. However, she stills leaves just enough room to play around with her own voice and add in some killer harmonies, remixed vocals, and good couple woops and heys.

Here’s my personal favorite track from her new album: “Waste of Time”:


MØ- Waste of Time


If you think that you recognize the voice, there is a chance you’ve actually heard MØ, since she actually did the vocals on “Dear Boy” off of Avicii’s new album, True. Coming off of a gig like that, it’s no wonder that she’s been able to collaborate with such well-known people and create an infectious set of her music.


MØ seems like the artist who’s going to be a sleeper hit, but it’s totally going to be worth it. I’m just here to let you know about her beforehand so you can say you knew of her before she went mainstream. So have at it and check out more of MØ for yourself.