Montréal Ballet to Grace Bucknell


Beginning 7:30PM this Friday, January 24, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal will grace the Weis Center for the Performing Arts.  Founded in 1972, the company has gained world renown, having performed at prestigious events including Mayo Cultural Festival in Guadalajara and Jacob’s Pillow Festival in Portland.  All are encouraged to join us at the Weis Center as Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal aims to entertain everyone, from the greenhorn to the more versed consumer. The company pushes the cutting edge of ballet, adhering to the aesthetic form of dance while experimenting with contemporary trends.  With this strong focus on expressive style, the company has earned the title, “feel good company.’”

As featured on the company website, an audience member describes his experience: "It was the first time I ever seen BJM. I really enjoyed the show and I couldn't wait to see more of it.”  Another adds, “The dance show was absolutely amazing. The music and the dancing were great and spectacular. It was very entertaining. I would love to see it again and again."

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal will perform three pieces, including “Zero In On”, “Night Box” and “Harry”.  As the name suggests, the first piece will literally showcase the fluidity of two dancers.  They will reduce the size of the stage to exaggerate this effect.

Next, “Night Box” will showcase an interpreted version of city life as it unfolds at night.  Music, movement, and flashing lights are to charge the audience as the piece weaves together themes of “love, loss and joy.”  Set against a backdrop of darkness, “Night Box” leverages lighting to accentuate its story.  Unlike “Zero In On”, this piece will combine group, trio, duet, and solo sections.

Finally, “Harry” relates the story of a man who “struggles to overcome forces both physical and existential.”  It illuminates the “inner battles we all wage”, and the comprises that must be made in relationships “[b]etween men and women, in particular.”  The score combines jazz and Israeli folksongs, evoking both “hope and humor.”  It will include group sequences, trios and duets.

Performances like this are a treat at the Weis Center, so grab your tickets ($10 for Bucknell students) and we hope to see you there!