Music Is Everywhere


Listen. Do you hear it? Pouring through the speakers in the supermarket? Floating from the sound system in the gym? Following you throughout the mall? Blasting from the radio in your car? If you take the time to stop and listen, music truly is everywhere. Think of all the places where music helps enhance our surroundings. Hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, parties, cafeterias, amusement parks, stores, sports games, movies, spas, coffee shops, museums, bars…basically all of the places we as humans gather are complemented by music. But picture these places without music. No atmosphere. No break in the silence besides the ebb and flow of human voices. Music makes any place feel welcoming and complete.

Even in the natural world, music is everywhere. Go to the beach, and you’ll walk by a group blasting country music from their radio or playing Beach Boys from their iPod speakers. Go to a park, and you’ll hear cheery pop music booming from speakers at a 10-year-old’s family birthday party under the picnic pavilion. Go to a mountain, and you’ll hear music playing in the lodge or on the slopes. People of all kinds who connect with the outdoors use music to enrich their experiences. Outdoor joggers, dog-walkers, and athletes tune into their ear buds day after day while doing their activities outside. They are simultaneously in their own world – the wonderful world of sound – while also taking part in the vast natural world that surrounds them.


Certainly, music surrounds us everywhere…but maybe even more so than we think. Hear that boy practicing guitar down the hall? Or that girl walking in front of you humming a tune on the way to class? These people are thinking and feeling music; and we, the bystanders, are consuming their music. We feel the pulse of their sound. Thus, we’re all connected to the single beating heart that is an entire world of music, rhythm, beat, and sound. It’s a beautiful thing.

It’s no wonder that for this reason, we celebrate music like we do. The Grammys are one of the biggest events of the year. Concerts and music festivals provide us with places where we can dance, frolic, play, and sing our hearts out to our favorite songs. We blast music on high volume, forcing it to engulf us as we listen to every note, lyric, and chord. But we don’t mind. Music teaches us how to feel: how to love, how to hate, how to cry, how to smile, how to laugh…how to live. Music completes our life…and lucky for us, it’s everywhere. 

What We ThinkJen Lassen