Music Industry Opportunities: Mixify’s College Promoters Program


For those of you EDM lovers out there who are unaware of the up and coming, groundbreaking website called Mixify, let me enlighten you a bit on their background before I dive into their new program. Mixify is a Brooklyn based start-up company that was officially launched this past November of 2012. Mixify is the “never-ending electronic music festival where fans can hear DJs live stream from around the world.” What does that mean exactly? I believe the following company description best explains what they do exactly and the services they render:

“Mixify is a digital events and live broadcasting platform for artists, promoters, venues, & labels in dance music. Launched in November 2012, the platform combines high quality audio streaming, artist visuals or live video, & real-time chat interaction to create a uniquely social artist-fan experience. Mixify hosts a wide variety of events on the platform, including digital festivals, album release parties, charity fundraisers, ticketed educations events for aspiring DJs & paid remote streaming events to venues in secondary markets.”


          The above picture gives a much better idea of the physical website. As you can see, DJs stream live events through the site (or use pre-recorded mixes) with customizable DJ avatars and background lighting/graphic effects (for those who pay a little extra). The website as a whole, though, is FREE for both users and DJs. On the right of the event there is a group chat with everyone in the event including the DJ. Therefore, you could be listening to one of your favorite EDM artists like Krewella perform live while chatting with them at theMixify-Rise-Lineup same time…pretty cool right? You can even private message people that are in the event if you feel it necessary. Thus far, Mixify has hosted some pretty big name DJs including 3LAU, DJs From Mars, Adventure Club, 12th Planet, Knife Party, R3HAB, and plenty more.

          I could go on and on about all of the features of Mixify, but I suggest you go and try it out yourselves at Like I said, it’s free to join and you don’t even have to create an account if you’re unsure at first. Log in as a guest and test out the waters a bit!

Now the main reason for this article is to inform all of you current Bucknellians out there (and any other non-Bucknell college student) that Mixify is giving YOU an opportunity to get some true music industry experience. They have recently launched their College Promoters Program that is allowing college students to get hands-on promoting experience in the music biz. The actual job description is as follows:

“As a Mixify College Promoter, you will have the opportunity to work with venues, Greek houses, and other relevant organizations in your local market to secure interest and generate bookings for Mixify’s remote streaming service. The Mixify team will work hand in hand with you and the venue to nail down the right date, artist, fees, and promotion to create an awesome event.”

Sounds pretty awesome right? You’re probably thinking though, “Why would I go through the trouble of being a college promoter when I have plenty of other things to worry about at school? Also, is it paid?” In fact, it is a paid gig. Here’s what you would get out of it:

  • -Earn $ for every booking you make
  • -Great experience for a career in the live music/promoter/technology space
  • -An opportunity to increase your network of connections within the industry
  • -College credit where possible
  • -Bonuses to star performers
  • -Potential first access to concert tickets, merch, exclusive events and opportunities

I was lucky enough to get a quote from their head of Content and & Artist Relations, Jon Joffe, saying, “The Mixify team is really excited to be working more closely with our college-aged friends across the country on this groundbreaking concept. Together, we're exploring a new way to connect fans with in-demand artists who would otherwise not be able to make it to their markets.”

Now, I loved my time at Bucknell. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that it truly was my home away from home and graduating this year was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with in my life. The one thing, however, that I felt was lacking was the music scene, resources, and opportunities they had to offer. There were plenty of opportunities for music majors and classically trained musicians, but I am less of a performer (in the classical sense) and more of a general music lover and enthusiast. I consider this to be the perfect opportunity to gain some worthwhile experience for anyone interested in working in the music or entertainment industry post graduation.

I was lucky enough to be an intern for Mixify last summer in 2012 and the experiences I gained from that internship exponentially increased my preparedness for a job in the music or entertainment industry. The Mixify team is really down to earth, fun, and easy to work with. They’ll help you every step of the way as a promoter.  You’re probably thinking that I’m pretty biased at this point. I probably am a bit biased, but I wouldn’t be bringing this opportunity to all of you Bucknellians if I didn’t think it was perfect for those music lovers like me out there! Mixify is definitely the next big thing and if you would rather hear it from someone who didn’t work there, then check out the features from Forbes, Billboard, and DJ Tech Tools.

For more information about Mixify’s College Promoters Program you can view a general overview here on Mixify’s blog or a complete in-depth description here on their promotional flyer.

Anyone interested in applying should contact them at