Music and Sex: What of it?


Sex may be the single largest driving factor behind the words, actions, and demeanors of guys and girls at our home, Bucknell. Sex may come in all forms, whether it’s a random hook up with someone you were really digging at a party, or the latter, which involves two partners who have sex for pleasure at a consistent pace.  Ok, this is starting to sound like a HerCampus article, so let us return to the music and the true importance of the article.

Music makes sex better. I chose not to write this article anonymously, so I will leave the verisimilitude of the previous statement open for loose and colorful interpretation. The jist of this article is simply that I asked many sexually active females and males on this campus what their preferred tunes were for when they’re doing the mattress mambo with a partner. Omitting the subjects’ names for clear and simple reasons—here are the results:

Subject 1, Male: “I’m a huge John Mayer guy in the sack. His lyrics are just so sexual and I love singing along, cause girls really dig Mayer.”

Subject 2, Female: “Really into Vanessa Carlton these days. But most of the time, I don’t have time to put on a playlist.”

Subject 3, Male: “J. Cole and Trey Songz, and very selective B.B. King. Why? Stuff that has slow beats with melodic undertones. Songs that have a bassline which give a very guttural, raw feel. OHHH YEAH.”

Subject 4, Male: “Usually, I like to listen to techno because it gives me stamina and the pumping aspect of the song…yea. You can figure that part out.”

Subject 5, Female: “All the classics, like Marvin Gaye and old R & B tunes that really get down to the soul.”

Subject 6, Male: “Frank Ocean...I know, not cool, but his voice is just so sultry and relaxing.”

Subject 7, Female: “Hahahah…this sounds weird, but Alicia Keys is something I go for when I have the opportunity. Especially the song “Fallin’”. What a tune!!!!! So soulful. Also John Legend. SOOOO soulful.”

There you have it, folks.  People seem to love the soul aspect of songs, really reaching down to the roots and drawing the same motivations that the artists themselves emanate when they sing.  It is really interesting actually. So next time the opportunity presents itself, put on some Alicia Keys and maybe you will feel something different, something better.  To get you started, I’ve compiled a brief playlist based on the suggestions above. Check it out, and try it out, with our YouTube links below or our Spotify playlist!


“Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson


“Take Me Out” – Franz Ferdinand


“A Thousand Miles” – Vanessa Carlton


“Heroes Eventually Die (Interlude)” – XV


“When We’re Done” – XV


“The Thrill is Gone” – B.B. King


“Neighbors Know My Name” – Trey Songz


“Lucille” – Little Richard


“Foreign Exchange Student” – XV


“Covered in Rain” – John Mayer


“How Deep Is Your Love?” – Bees Gees


“Do I Wanna Know?” – Arctic Monkeys


“FutureSex / LoveSound” – Justin Timberlake


“Novacane” – Frank Ocean


“Dreams” – John Legend


(Image Source: Twitter)