Music Video Review: “Ugly Boy” by Die Antwoord


I was first introduced to the South African rap-rave group, Die Antwoord, by my younger brother just after the release of their first music video “Enter The Ninja”(2010). My initial reaction was of extreme concern for the well-being of my then 14 year-old brother. The group, consisting of Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er, and DJ Hi-Tek, are more often than not perceived as just plain disturbing and verging on terrifying. Their grisly music videos leave you feeling dirtier than before, and even a little scared to walk home alone. Their songs are also guaranteed to leave Yo-Landi’s high-pitched voice terrorizing your mind for three days straight without fail. However, by the fourth day you’ll change the description of her vocals from “annoying” to “catchy”— at least that’s how it happened for me. The peculiar looking duo rep a South African counterculture referred to as “zef”: their sickly figures, hacked off hairdos and self-drawn tatts are juxtaposed with oversized sweatsuits and all-gold-everythings. You could describe it as somewhat of a redneck-chic. Ninja’s already strange appearance, paired with the foulmouthed school girl, Yo-Landi hanging over his shoulder, creates transfixing, fast paced, heavily accented Afrikaan rap straight out of Cape Town.

Their newest video “Ugly Boy” is the third to be released off their latest album Donker Mag (“Dark Power”) which came out this past June. Slightly less distressing than their second video for their track “Pitbull Terrier” (where you see Ninja tear out someone’s jugular while wearing a dog mask), “Ugly Boy” contains all their signature tropes which we’ve seen in previous videos: spastic dance moves, upside down crucifixes, two pints of fake blood, Yo-Landi and Ninja sporting all black contact lenses, and some weird looking people. What sets this video apart from their others is the handful of famous people who they recruited to do weird s#*t with them. Cara Delevingne, Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, The ATL Twins, Dita Von Teese and the Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea all join the oddball duo in sporting oversized track suits, scar tissue, and an obscene amount of fake blood. It is a video that Die Antwoord fans can enjoy, and a good one to ease those who are new to the freaky Zef rap-rave krew into without scaring them (too much). Check it out:

Overall rating:  8/10


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