New Artist Watch: Gallant


Born in Maryland as Christopher Gallant, 24-year-old singer Gallant has made quite the impression with his newest album. Gallant gained traction with his first single, “Weight In Gold,” off of his debut album Ology, which was released April 6th of this year.  

Gallant studied music at NYU and released an EP titled Zebra chronicling his experience in New York City.  However, his move to Los Angeles and release of Ology has cemented his position as a promising up-and-comer.

The album is sixteen tracks full of unique instrumentation and striking lyricism. Gallant’s smooth R&B voice and killer falsetto initially draw the listener, but his lyrics are the real standout in his work. The artist uses his extensive vocabulary to construct complex – and sometimes cryptic – lines. Each song on the album brings a new sound, and with it, a new emotion. The wide range of instrumentation brings in a futuristic and mechanical sound, offering an otherworldly feel.

Ology has a structure that invites the listener to play the tracks chronologically, including an intro, interlude, and outro. The fluctuating styles and tempo foster a diverse listening experience, spanning from upbeat tunes like “Episode” to dramatic tracks like “Chandra,” with a score suitable for the finale of a movie.

With the release of his album, Gallant has just launched a tour. I look forward to hearing more from him soon.

To listen to all of Gallant’s work, visit his Soundcloud ( ) or his YouTube channel ( ). I personally recommend listening to “Shotgun,” “Episode,” “Counting,” and “Chandra.”

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