New Year, New Panic! At The Disco: Pre-Release Review


It’s the New Year, and we can finally get around to what’s important: Panic! At The Disco is releasing their fifth new album Death of a Bachelor on January 15th. Despite losing a member in Spencer Smith, lead vocalist Brendon Urie and the rest of the band have writing new material and it does not disappoint. The band has been teasing the release of the new album since last April with the first single, “Hallelujah”. Pete Wentz premiered the title track, “Death of a Bachelor” on Beats 1, Apple Music’s blog, in September. This song in particular hearkens back to a sound like Frank Sinatra’s with a mix of smooth, effortless vocals and the big band backing to boot.


The second official single, “Victorious”, definitely sounds like it’s going to be the anthem of the album with Urie’s sky-high vocals bringing us back to why we’ve loved Panic! for all these years.


The band released two more singles, “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “LA Devotee” in 2015 as well as the extra release of “Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time” to ring in 2016.

Panic! At The Disco has definitely set us up for one of the major albums of the years with new rambunctious sounds that include influences from punk, pop, and oldies genres mixed with their signature rock vibe. I’m definitely hyped for this release and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album.

Here’s their Spotify Page so you can listen to all of the new singles on repeat in anticipation!

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