Nick Mulvey


Nick Mulvey is yet another upcoming English musician that everybody should listen to.  Studying music in Havana, Cuba at 19 years old gave him a very particular sound that differentiates him from other singer-songwriter musicians.  In Cuba, the rigorous day classes were followed by nights of drinking and playing music with students from different spectrums of the world.  When he returned to the UK, he became a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies for Ethnomusicology.  Because of this experience in Cuba and his studies at this school, Mulvey plays guitar with positive, upbeat notes that can be considered similar to African music. His songs soothe the soul because of the lyrics that are attached to his wonderful talent on the guitar and the melodies that he produces.  Once heard, they cling to you throughout the day, putting you into a positive mood, which can only mean its great, inspirational music.

Before he ventured into his solo performances in 2011, he was also a member in the Portico Quartet in London as a percussionist and hang player.  This group was another inspiration for his music because of their “strange” style of jazz.

In 2012, Mulvey released his first EP The Trellis followed by Fever to the Form in 2013.  He also performed with Laura Marling in 2013, and told others that she had a great influence on him.

“So whether music or madness, live by one of the two… go on, fill your heart up with gladness” and choose music – specifically Nick Mulvey.