Noah and The Whale


Consisting of Charlie Fink (vocals, guitar), Tom Hobden (fiddle, keyboards), Matt Owens (bass), Fred Abbott (keyboards, guitar), and Matthew Petulla (drums), the band Noah and the Whale formed in London, England in 2006 as an alternative/folk group.  If you’re wondering how they came up with a name like that, it actually derived from their favorite movie by Noah Buambach, “The Squid And The Whale.”  With a catchy, distinctive name such as that, their music has to be comparable, and that it is indeed.  

The first time I heard their song  “Rocks and Daggers”, my foot was going with the beat, my head bobbing and I was dashing through my work, actually enjoying it all because of this song.  It’s fast, it’s slow, and it’s touching.  Noah and the Whale encompass so many different variables into each and every one of their songs that makes their sound different from all others, which is what I like.  They don’t try to recreate other songs at all, but from what I have heard (which is most of their albums) they have original beats, sounds, lyrics- just everything about them is original and fascinating.  Another tantalizing piece by them is “Two Atoms in a Molecule”, a fast-paced, love song which Fink describes as a “sad, pathetic moan.”  Quite ironic but most likely true, this is the epitome of what Noah and the Whale really is.


The group’s rookie album Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down was released in August 2008, peaking at #5 on UK Charts, with former band member Laura Marling as a key component to their most positive album.  This first album went Gold as well.  A year later, without Marling, Noah and The Whale released their sophomore album The First Days of Spring, which actually was centered on Laura Marling, a former band member and lover of lead Charlie Fink.  This also became a Gold album.  The band’s third album Last Night on Earth was released in 2011, a Platinum, followed by their latest album Heart of Nowhere in 2013.


This group- so unique and lively in performances- truly does get my day going and hopefully they can do the same to you readers out there.