Not-So-Hot Track of the Week


Last week I opted to write the “Hot Track of the Week” and prematurely said I would write about a track off of Kid Cudi’s new album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. I assumed that since Kid Cudi was reunited with Plain Pat, producer of the Man on The Moon albums, these songs would be straight fire jams; however, I sadly have to report that I stand corrected. If you don’t believe me, just take a listen to this tune, “Man In The Night”.

I’m going to be very blunt and say that this just isn’t good, at all. There’s really nothing redeeming about these songs. If you played me a track off of any of Cudi’s earlier albums and then played this song, I honestly wouldn’t believe they were by the same artist. This song sounds like some garage band decided to dabble in rap one afternoon and this is what they produced. I truly expected that Cudi reuniting with Plain Pat would mean that Cudi would realize odd instrumental beats weren’t his forte and bring back the jammable beats from his earlier works. Unfortunately, Cudi appears to be stuck in his “indie” phase and has no intentions of leaving any time soon. This is the third album in a row that I had high hopes for Cudi reviving his sound from Man on the Moon but to no avail.

I remember when I first stumbled upon Cudi back in high school and how my friends and I would spend hours on end rocking to his tunes and soaking in the vibes. Personally, I found his lyrics very relatable and almost empowering; however, I can no longer say the same. I understand the concept of experimenting and trying new things but you’d think after three albums that have received negative feedback from both fans and professionals, Cudi would realize it’s time to mix things up. As a possible explanation to Cudi’s missed attempts, I refer you to the following tweet from a few weeks back:

Overall, it seems like Cudi has a plethora of confusion and potential misfortune in his life currently and its definitively reflected in his music. Hopefully with the time off to return to this roots Cudi will find his groove once again and take the game by storm next year. Anyways, for some reason, regardless of how low Cudi falls, I always seem to be hoping for the best. Given this, I still have very high hopes for Man on the Moon III and expect Cudi to make a big comeback. I’ve been saying this for a while (see: Man On the Moon) yet every time, I’m let down. For now, I’ll keep reliving Cudi’s glory days and looking toward the future. In the meantime, take a listen to this fire jam: