Nothing But Blue Sky for Big Sean’s Dark Sky Paradise Release


Snagging his first No. 1 spot on the Billboard top 200 charts, Big Sean has really come onto the music scene without any reservations, especially having only released his first album four years prior. With an impressive crew of feature cameos on the album including Kanye West, John Legend, Jhene Aiko, and Lil Wayne among others. Dark Sky Paradise marks Big Sean’s third full album release and it does not disappoint. Framed within a unique sound world, the album opens with its half-eponymous track, “Dark Sky” taking no time to cut to the race and police issues that have been covering the news lately. Incorporating a gospel sound quickly distorted with Kanye’s first appearance on “All Your Fault”, it’s equally apparent that the production of this is also heavily mixed together with electronic effects ranging from the prominent echo and reverb to sampling to using voice recordings of conversations interspersed throughout. “I Don’t F*** With You” goes back to Big Sean’s signature sound, with a sly smirk smeared across the track, leaving you with just enough to mull over afterwards.

Album Cover

On “Paradise”, Big Sean’s dark, brooding side comes out thanks to the production skills of Mike Will Made It. After cutting through his verses, things start to take a turn for the vague on the rest of the album. While brighter than its preceding half, the tracks slip into this cloudy, suspended air. Even though I sit fine with this ambiguous setting, I think it presents a missed opportunity in a way; not so much that it depreciates the album but that maybe a little more substance could have been provided.

The big hitters on the tail end of the album include “Stay Down” and “One Man Can Change The World”, featuring Kanye West and John Legend on the latter. “Stay Down” has a driving bass that is weirdly mesmerizing and a triumphant hook while “One Man” is a hopeful reminder before “Outro” that holds a timeless message in its title. Not to mention, when you include John Legend and Kanye West, it’s hard not to be taken seriously.

Here’s the music video for “Blessings” featuring Drake and Kanye West:

There are also 3 other music videos for the album that have already been released that you can check out on Big Sean’s VEVO page on YouTube here.

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