NYU Breeds Up & Coming Acts


Part of Campus Vinyl’s mission here at Bucknell is to garner student musicianship, get musicians recognized, and provide them with opportunities to perform. However, this mission is not limited to recognizing collegiate artistic efforts at other universities: NYU has bred diverse talent among various genres in the past few years that deserve to be mentioned. White Lights, led by artist/producer Johnny Shankman, merges psychedelic music with R&B blends. Join Shankman “in the cosmos” as you watch his visual animations and trippy music videos; my favorite is “I Lied / Trust” off his debut LP, Castles and Clouds. Additionally, White Lights released the Dual Brained 1 EP in 2014, where he incorporated deep bass-y hip-hop beats into his psychedelic-R&B forte. What was most impressive and also visually engaging were his animations that he did with the EP; they match with each track and further make you enjoy the art.



Most recently, he collaborated with New Orleans R&B/pop/electronica artist Abby Diamond, as he produced her EP and was featured on the soulful “Down, Down, Deep.”

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Modern Diet, a four piece indie-rock/R&B-pop hybrid, is led by frontman/pianist Jake Cheriff, bassist Dan Hemerlein, guitarist Bernardo Ochoa, and the genius jazzy drumming of Noah Hyams. They are in the process of producing their debut LP, which will be released in the coming months. MD’s track “Rip Tide” off their debut EP, Commuter EP, just recently broke 100,000 plays on Spotify, which is a huge victory for an up & coming act. They also released another EP, titled, Chemicals EP, which continues to blend distinct elements of jazz, R&B, pop. “Let Me In,” breathes a strong Beatles influence where Cheriff’s lyrical brilliance never fails to tell a meaningful story.

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Stay tuned and watch out for these up & coming NYC-based acts! They are now engrained in the city’s music scene as they have played at popular venues ranging from Arlene’s Grocery, Mercury Lounge, Pianos and more.

White Lights website

Modern Diet website

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