Oko Ebombo “Iro” – Music Video Review


  Oko Ebombo is an artist, musician, and poet.  But his real notability comes from the way he seamlessly combines these assets – as a performer.  According to the artist’s Soundcloud page he attempts to create “a visual world with multiple messages,” bringing poetry alive through various forms, such as photography, dance, film, words, and sound.


Since 2009, Ebombo has created music between Portland and Paris, mixing dance and poetry inspired by his own “urban experiences.”  The artist’s music is rooted in jazz, but his soulful vocals seep through the syncopation and regularized beat to create a mesmerizing synchronicity.


In his latest music video for the song “Iro”, Oko Ebombo visited Japan to capture his newest work through stunning photography, vocals, and performance art.  The “music film’s” hazy, enigmatic shots, crafted using a Super 8 camera, prove Ebombo’s aptitude in the realm of “visual poetry.”  As the film moves colorfully through hues of blue and pink, Ebombo’s vocals take on a new dimension of interest.


“Iro” was directed by Ebombo himself, alongside friends and artistic collaborators, and was produced by POOL.   This stunning artistic endeavor exemplifies the artist’s crisp, curated projects that merge various art forms into a cohesive anthology of work.  “Iro,” and its accompanying music video, blossom into an all-consuming, magnificent entity.  In a symbiotic relationship between sound and vision, the fragments of Oko Ebombo’s seemingly divergent art create a stunning and gripping composition.


What We ThinkStaci Dubow