Open Mic Night Comes to Bull Run and Is Here to Stay


If you’re a frequenter of the bar scene in downtown Lewisburg, then you’re most likely aware of the varying specials: $6 Lager pitchers on Monday, Trivia Night on Tuesday, LIT night on Thursday leading into Karaoke night… the list goes on. One special that you may not have heard of yet is Bull Run’s Open Mic Night. At first I was a little skeptical of how it would turn out. Would people actually come and perform? Would people come and watch? I decided to give the first and second nights of the weekly event the old college try, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

My biggest concern for having a successful Open Mic Night was sound and equipment. I doubted that anyone would be willing to lug a drum set, amps, microphones, etc. for a 10-minute set. This concern was quelled when I found out that Bull Run provides pretty much all of that – most importantly, they provide the drum set. All you have to do is bring your instruments and an amp if you need it, which is much easier to load and unload than a set of drums.

My second concern was attendance. I was once again surprised to see the variety and impressive quantity of performers waiting to get on stage. It was an eclectic mix in terms of the music being played, and it was a variety of both students and local residents. But the talent wasn’t just limited to musicians; a couple of people stepped up for some stand-up comedy. And the best (and possibly also the worst) part about it was that it was all uncensored.

As a live music fiend, I am only disappointed that this is my last semester to attend. I’m still working up the guts to perform, but maybe one day you’ll see me and some friends covering your favorite punk rock bands of those middle school years.

Overall, Bull Run’s Open Mic Night is shaping up to be a very interesting and unique weekly event – definitely one of a kind. If you play an instrument, are in a band, sing, are funny, pretty much any kind of talent revolving around a microphone, you should definitely check it out. It’s entirely free, and who doesn’t love performing?

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