Pink Floyd Released The Endless River On November 11, 2014


Some bands just never seem to die. This holds true for British progressive rock band Pink Floyd, who released their fifteenth studio album The Endless River on November 11. Their latest release was The Division Bell, released March of 1994, so it’s amazing that twenty years later the band still has life left in it. The album is reportedly the last time David Gilmour, Nick Mason and the late Rick Wright will be heard playing together, so it is likely that this is the band’s final studio album. In fact, the album is a tribute to Rick Wright for his “idiosyncratic keys”, which to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour serves as a reminder that “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

The new album features the song, “Louder Than Words”, taken from their 1993 Division Bell Sessions, the last time the three played together. The song has been upgraded, along with other recordings from the Division Bell Sessions, over the past year using modern recording technology to create the band’s newest and final album. “Louder Than Words” now also has new lyrics by British songwriter and Division Bell lyricist Polly Sampson. On a side note, the album also has a song with synthesized vocals done by Stephen Hawking titled “Talkin’ Hawkin”, and if that isn’t considered progressive I don’t know what is. The band has previously featured the famous physicist’s vocals in their song “Keep Talking” (1994). The finished album consists of 21 previously unreleased songs.

It’s impressive to think that a band that started in 1965 is still releasing new material more than a decade into the 21st century, and even more impressive that fans are still extremely anxious to hear it. The record is expected to be mostly ambient instrumental music with a style that holds true to that of the band’s former albums. Pink Floyd’s The Endless River may not turn out to be the next Dark Side Of The Moon (or maybe it will, who knows), but it is almost certain to be a good one given the band’s decades of experience and inspiration. Be sure to check out The Endless River now!

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