A Playlist For the Sequence of Your Day


From the moment we wake up until the second our head hits the pillow, there are a range of emotions and occurrences in our everyday lives. Personally, I like to accompany those occasions with fitting music choices. Here is my playlist and a few blurbs as to why they transition the day so well. 7:00am, sun creeping through the blinds, my alarm is blaring. Plot twist: I’m not starting my day with your basic iPhone Marimba sound. The Run and Go by Twenty-One Pilots is do-do-doing it right (see song for pun). It’s no eye of the tiger but its beat steadily progresses, inspiring my sluggish awakening. I have to resist cabbage patch dancing it out to this sweet tune, such to avoid waking up my roommate.




With four 8am’s a week, I need some motivation to strut my way to class. Two Door Cinema Club’s new EP absolutely kills it in this department, Changing of the Seasons specifically. I am all about empowering break up songs, sans T. Swift of course, which is the core theme of this song. Now, whether you’ve incurred a broken heart or not, jamming out is imminent upon listening to this. You can see me crumping to this one at 7:45 am through the grove, y’all.




Like you, I too am in the thick of midterms, which means excessive time spent in lower level 2 of the library. This calls for solid study jams. Now, certain songs might suit certain subjects, but I am a firm believer in music that transcends all studying. For me, Lorde’s smooth melodies really do the trick for bangin’ out a 3-page paper in crunch time. Specifically Glory and Gore off her newest album, however the whole album is chock-full of mellow sound.




Now that you’ve done some mid-day studying, it’s about time to hit the gym (..maybe). If you do KLARC it up during some point of the day, Work Bitch by Britney Spears is for sure a go to motivation jam (beware: exceptionally danceable). If that’s not your cup of tea, I would switch it up to the band don't know but probably should, Haim and their newest song The Wire, its snappy beats and rhythm will surely pull you through the last quarter mile of your jog.






Around this time of day I’m mellowing down to catch some shut eye, but before I call it a night, I throw on a few slow jams to ease me into the zzz’s. Though a classic Petty song, John Mayer’s rendition of Free Fallin’ is perfectly mellow. His soft, smooth voice will lull you right to sleep. Though slightly biased, I love falling asleep to my main man Jack Johnson's Traffic in the Sky or Angel. Either will leave you feeling light as a feather as you float into the best sleep of your life.








So there it is, the sequence of my entire day, in musical form. I hope this helps you if you find yourself returning to the same playlist day after day. With everything from the gym to studying to waking up, it’s nice to have a tune to sing along with.

Keep the beats droppin’,