Polock: A Spanish Phoenix Meets The Strokes


Here is a band worth checking out: Polock. These five guys are off to a good start, having two full-length, well-received albums under their collective belt. Hailing from Valencia, Spain, they have attracted the attention of clubs around Europe, garnering attention as a dance-pop band. They are also big in Japan, where record store employees wore animal masks resembling the band’s first album cover to celebrate its release. Their biggest debut in the U.S. was—perhaps unsurprisingly—at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX. This first round of attention was after their album Getting Down From the Trees. Just last year, they released their second album of equally high quality, Rising Up. Regarding the subtitle of this article, Polock does closely resemble Phoenix-Strokes hybrid. The effervescent dance beats of the former combine with the cool riffs of the latter to produce a very familiar, albeit intriguing sound. What Polock does to establish a new identity is add some intra-song variability. It’s not uncommon to disrupt the established color with an abrupt change in instrumentation. At times, they may start with a discordant intro that is more reminiscent of a folk music-gone-wrong than of indie-pop.

Another thing the band has going for them is immaculate production quality. The audio mastering was done in collaboration with Dave McNair, who has worked with high profile names such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Maroon 5 (yes, quite a variety). The band attributes the production quality at least partially to their studio location: a summerhouse overlooking the Mediterranean, which they claim “imbued each track with a magical light.” Check them out on Spotify, and keep an eye on them, as they are sure to rise in the U.S. music scene. They are already included in the FIFA ’15 soundtrack! Lastly, one aspect that makes the band so charming is the peak into their production process they give us. There are numerous YouTube videos of their home recordings. Check some of them out here:


[image source: artist website]

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